touchpad kext for sony e series and almost working with all TRACKPAD.SYNAPTIC-GESTUR


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working touchpad/trackpad for sony e series laptop

check it for other too


thanks and enjoy hackingtosh

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      • By masterscript
        Delete the file "Trackpad.prefPane" in /System/Library/PreferencePanes/ ,
        Copy the new one into the same directory ,
        You can now open the trackpad panel and set it up.
        For some reason does not save settings, but if you open the preferences panel of the trackpad reload the settings so add /System/Library/PreferencePanes/Trackpad.prefPane to start item in users and groups, your saved preferences will be recharged.
      • By LordDonkey
        Scrolling on ALPs touchpad
        So I installed Yosemite Zone on a Dell Inspiron N5110 with Core i3 2350M and Intel Graphics 3000, here's the thing, I had Windows 10 currently installed, and I didn't want to loose any data if something went wrong, so you know what I did? Installed Yosemite to a flash drive! It's not as slow as I thought it would be! It seems like the longer it runs the faster it gets. It's a SanDisk Cruzer Glide 64GB. Almost everything seems to work, even the WiFi works flawlessly, in Windows it constantly dropped connection and I couldn't join my network from my living room but with macOS it works great. I removed the Intel N-1030 because it was complete and utter junk and put in an Atheros card, 9280 I think (Thats what Sys Profiler says so I'll go with it :D). The touchpad works but it does not scroll, I have tried other Voodoo kexts but they seem to make the keyboard and touchpad quit functioning. It says "No touchpad found" under "Touchpad" in System Preferences. Sleep is buggy, it goes to sleep and wakes up but nothing seems to open and all I get is the beach ball, and when I close the lid it doesn't sleep. Display brightness is also another thing that doesn't work. If I can get those things working I may just backup the internal drive and install macOS and see if I can get dual-boot to work. If you need anymore info please ask!
      • By siddx
        kext for ALPS working in Sierra DP7. It's Rehabman's version of ALPS kext with added fixes for Sierra from his main kext. Enjoy!
      • By Divyraj
        lenovo 3000 g430 keyboard and trackpad not working (mavericks 10.9)
        i have lenovo laptop 3000 g430 i was try to install mavericks in it and it successfully installed but keyboard and trackpad not working even USB mouse or keyboard not working so pls help me to solve this problem i was use this command for installation -v -F -x PCIRootUID=1
      • By Axka
        Touchpad giving erratic results on Niresh Yosemite
        Hi all,
        I've a Laptop on which I intend to install Niresh Yosemite. My specs are-
        Model: Lenovo G50-80
        Processor:Intel core i3-4005U
        I managed to boot with flags /haswell -x -f but when it loads past the loading screen, it shows me to connect my Bluetooth keyboard. I can hit "space" on that screen and enter into language selection screen. But my touchpad does not work properly. It generates random click, drag or long click and jumps everywhere and I can't continue. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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