Radeon HD 6770 Full QE/CI for Mavericks 2.0
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By Deepak

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Kexts updated so it now supports OS X 10.9.1

Buttery smooth performance, no crashes at all during my 7 day test. Gaming should be fine, I've only tested it with League of Legends at max options, resulting in 60FPS.

Use the latest version of Chameleon just in case.

Required settings:



Tested on a XFX Radeon HD 677X-ZNLC 850M 1GB GDDR5 though it should work on Gigabyte, MSI and Asus models as well. See 1389683808_index.jpg


Best Regards


What's New in Version 2.0


  • - Support for Mavericks
  • - Added device ID's to new kexts.
  • - Better performance

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        After that, I removed OS X and I haven’t bothered with it since, however I would still very much like to dual-boot OS X with Windows again. Is there anything I can do to avoid these problems in the future? Thanks in advance.
        My Specs
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