Sony Vaio VPCEB36FA Installer 1.0
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By Devonic

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About This File

Sony Vaio VPCEB36FA Installer

Developed by Devonic

This installer package installs the necessary Patched Kexts, Graphics Modifications and Boot loader to make this laptop work perfectly. As EDID injection is enabled by default for this display, only use this installer with this laptop.

Use only on the Sony Vaio VPCEB36FA !

Options available

1) Install Clover

2) Install A Universal fixed config.plist

3) Enable Graphics Acceleration (ATI 5650M)

4) Install SD Card Driver (Ricoh)

5) Install Patched WIFI kext (AR9285)

6) Install Drivers for PS2 Trackpad & Keyboard (ALPS)

7) Install patched Sound kext (Intel HD Audio)

8) Enable Battery Percentage

9) Install Clover Configurator

10) Slow boot fix

Extras :-

1) Kext Utility Superspeed Edition

2) Plist Editor Pro

What's New in Version 1.0


  • --- Initial Release ----

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      • By masterscript
        Before installation put in folder Extra/Extensions in the USB. (this kexts cause Kernel panic on macOS Sierra) 
      • By rc0687
        Switch on problem
        thanks in advance and support
        i installed mac osx using this page successfully 
        yosemite> El-capitan>sierra
        after successful installation I removed my nvidia gt9800 card, system restarts on apple progress bar (goes till end)
        in clover configurator i checked inject intel graphics and un checked inject nvidia
        now with or without graphics card system not starting up
        my specs
        MB : GA 61h ww
        ram : 4GB Transcand+ 4GB ADATA
        processor: i3 2nd gen
        hdd: 1TB sata
        os : sierra
        kindly help in sorting the issue
      • By HerbRem
        I Could Really Use Some Help Hackintoshing These 2 Systems!!
        Ok here is the deal I have two systems which I seriously want to Hackintosh and I will provide a full set of system specs for each system>
        Ok so whenever I try to boot from any Hackintosh OS Installers it just Reboots, Hangs, Or Crashes. I have even tried changing some things like typing amd64, cpus=4, cpus=2 etc,.. and GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No, and a bunch of other things with no success... Any help you could give me in Successfully Hackintoshing these two machines would be greatly appreciated.
        My Systems:
        Tower PC:
        Foxconn A88GMV MotherBoard (AMD 8 Series Chipset)
        AMD Phenom II x4 B55 Black Edition 3.2Ghz QuadCore (Socket AM3)
        8GB DDR3 1067Mhz 7.5GB Available to OS
        AMD Radeon HD 4250 Integrated 560Mhz GPU with 512MB Shared Memory (Reserved by BIOS Unavailable to OS)
        1.5TB Toshiba Sata III HDD 1
        1.5TB Toshiba Sata III HDD 2
        In this computer I have Disabled the Integrated Graphics Chipset and Installed
        Nvidia GeForce 8500GT PCI-e 256MB Card was only card I have and can't buy new one.
        And of Course this has Disabled the Shared Memory Unlocking the full 8GB for OS
        Average Temps Under (System Idle) After Some Custom Cooling Modifications:
        CPU 63F
        System 75F 
        NorthBridge 75F 
        HDD 1 86F
        HDD 2 86F

        Laptop PC:
        Sony VAIO VPCEE Series
        AMD 880M/850M Chipset
        AMD Athlon II P340 2.2Ghz DualCore (Socket S1G4)
        8GB DDR3/1066MHz 7.75GB Available to OS
        AMD Radeon HD 4200 Integrated 256MB Shared Memory (Reserved by BIOS Unavailable to OS)
        320GB Western Digital (Scorpio Blue) Sata III HDD
        Average Temps Under (System Idle)
        CPU 50C
        HDD 35C
        P.S. Yes I am aware that AMD's are much more difficult to Hackintosh But these are all I have at the moment.
      • By Coover55
        Looking for WiFi and Graphics kexts for Toshiba Satellite L875D.
        Hi there!
        So I installed Yosemite Zone on my Satellite laptop, and I really kind of like it! But unfortunately, I can't seem to find the right kexts to enable WiFi and make the annoying visual glitches go away. Can anyone help me out with finding it? I'm not sure of the exact model beyond L875D, but I know my graphics card is an AMD Radeon HD 7520G, and the network card is probably Realtek that uses 802.11n protocol. Again, I'm not sure of the exact model of my laptop, as the tag on the bottom wore off long ago, but this is about my best guess;
        Thanks if you can help,
        -Coover55, aka Jordan
        Another problem I seem to be having on occasion is that sometimes, when starting up my laptop, it will get stuck on the login screen, with the spinning beach ball of death. So far, I've managed to fix it twice with the solution seen at the bottom, here; , but that's twice since successful installation last night. Mind you, this is not a Virtual Machine whereas theirs was, but still.
        This is not priority numero uno, but a preferably more permanent fix for it would be appreciated.
        EDIT to P.S.:
        This has become priority numero uno. I have had to do this again three times since I last said that. What the hell is going on with this? Do I need to reinstall?
      • By siddx
        kext for ALPS working in Sierra DP7. It's Rehabman's version of ALPS kext with added fixes for Sierra from his main kext. Enjoy!
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