Keyboard & Trackpad kext for El Capitan 1.0.0

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Before installation put in folder Extra/Extensions in the USB.

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    • By Androidrh
      Help to install the captain in a gigabyte b150m-DS3H
      Please someone could help'm trying to install the captain on my pc with a card gigabyte mother b150m-DS3H not know if someone already has tried on that motherboard, configure all I could find based tutorials's makeup me bios, prepare my usb with clover uefi, loading the block is opened and restarted immediately, also tried some boot arguments as mentioned in the post-solving boot problems but still is not I have a core 15 6400 one 960 gigabyte nvidia card 4gb, 32gb of ram DDR4,
      I hope someone can help me please and will thank seriously.
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      I would like to install El Capitan OS in dual boot with my windows 10. Can I do it without format the HDD and then keeping my Windows, and creating only a partition where I will install El Capitan OS? Or I should format the whole HDD, losing my Recovery Partition? Thanks.
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      El Capitan AMDFX Kurulum console 1024 x 768 hatası
      Merhabalar, hayatımda ilk defa hackintosh kuracağım,
      yaklaşık 7GB lik bir el capitan dmg si indirdim ve internetten de yine amd fx işlemcisi için 10MB lik bir kernel buldum,
      transmac ile kerneli değiştirdim ve intel, nvidia namına ne varsa (işlemcim ve ekran kartım AMD, FX 6200, R9 280) sildim,
      internette bazı benim gibi kuramayanların ve amd kullanıcılarının silmesi gereken kextleri de sildim ama nafile.
      Şu ekranda takılıp kalıyorum, bir sürü flag da denedim yardımcı olursanız çok sevinirim iyi günler!

    • By Samuel Tulach
      El Capitan - Dell Vostro 3750 USB Problems
      Hi, I now have on my Dell Vostro installed Niresh Yosemite, but I want to install the El Capitan on the Dell Vostro 3750 (i7), but I have problems with USB. When I want to install El Capitan there are problems with the USB and then "Still waiting for root device".
      There is the video(s):
      There is the good spect of Dell Vosto 3750 (but for i3):
      For installation in video I use UniBeast USB in uEFI mode, but I tested vanilla installation and same problem.
      Attached images is from Yosemite.
      Please help and sorry for english!

    • By Coover55
      Looking for WiFi and Graphics kexts for Toshiba Satellite L875D.
      Hi there!
      So I installed Yosemite Zone on my Satellite laptop, and I really kind of like it! But unfortunately, I can't seem to find the right kexts to enable WiFi and make the annoying visual glitches go away. Can anyone help me out with finding it? I'm not sure of the exact model beyond L875D, but I know my graphics card is an AMD Radeon HD 7520G, and the network card is probably Realtek that uses 802.11n protocol. Again, I'm not sure of the exact model of my laptop, as the tag on the bottom wore off long ago, but this is about my best guess;
      Thanks if you can help,
      -Coover55, aka Jordan
      Another problem I seem to be having on occasion is that sometimes, when starting up my laptop, it will get stuck on the login screen, with the spinning beach ball of death. So far, I've managed to fix it twice with the solution seen at the bottom, here; , but that's twice since successful installation last night. Mind you, this is not a Virtual Machine whereas theirs was, but still.
      This is not priority numero uno, but a preferably more permanent fix for it would be appreciated.
      EDIT to P.S.:
      This has become priority numero uno. I have had to do this again three times since I last said that. What the hell is going on with this? Do I need to reinstall?
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