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  3. Can I install on Macbook Pro? Can I install any hackintosh version on macbook pro?
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  5. "AppleSmartBatteryMenager: GetbatterySTA() Failed" - HELP!! Hi, i'am new on this forum and i need a urgent help! i have install on my "Fujitsu A530" Niresh-Maverick, and after the restart (after install the OS) the console give me this error: "AppleSmartBatteryMenager: GetbatterySTA() Failed" How can fix this error? Please help me! ç_ç
  6. kernel panic installation was said to be not successful but I read a post at tonymacx86 that sometimes its installed successfully even though it said it isnt, so I rebooted and booted from my drive (where sierra is installed) then it booted successfully and i was able to set it up, got network, installed multibeast stuff like audio etc (although i didnt install anything from the misc cause i this is the 2nd time I tried a vanilla install of sierra and at 1st i installed nullcpu and fake smc but it had the same result as this one) now when I shut my pc down adn booted sierra from clover bootloader I got the panic error. what could be the problem that caused this kernel panic? my pc: core i5 6600 asus h110m-D gt730 1gb ddr5 hyper x 8gb ddr4 1TB HDD 500gb HDD 320gb HDD (where sierra is installed) bios setup: fast boot-disabled intel virtualization-enabled, VT-d- disabled secure boot-other os intel graphics-enabled xhci hands off-enabled thanks, best of luck to my question. EDIT: changing ramm dimm slots fixed my kernel panics
  7. Post Installation Setup & Problems Hackintosh Sierra 10.12.3 My Setup::::: Toshiba Satellite p55w-c5204 Processor: intel i7-5500u Graphics: Intel HD 5500 Audio: Realtek High Definition Audio Hard Drive: SSD 256 GB Ram: 8GB (4GB x 2) Display: Full HD IPS Wireless: Intel Wireless 7265AC I've successfully installed Hackintosh Sierra 10.12.3 with the help of TransMac app. I know the wireless isn't working as of now. So I've purchased a wireless usb device(Prolink WN2001) and it works. I somehow managed to make things work like audio, battery percentage etc. The main problem I'm facing is with Bootloader & Graphics. Intel HD5500 is detected but shows 7MB. The windows counterpart I've previously checked shows Dynamic Memory of 128 MB by default so it shouldn't be problem. My questions are::: 1. How can I boot with hard drive without USB being plugged in? 2. How to fix the graphics issue? Do osx need to be booted from the hard drive in order to fix graphics issue? Any help would be appreciated. ~Thanks
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  9. Instalation in I5 7400 and Gigabyte H270-G3 Hi comunity! How I do for install Niresh Sierra in my PC? I have: - I5 7400 kaby lake - Gigabyte H270 - 8 GB RAM kingston DDR4 - XFX DDR5 R7770 1 gb - 1 tb WD caviar black 1) I've used TransMac form Win8 for make USB booteable 2) I've choosen in Bios: AHCI mode Disable Vt-d Boot in USB Secure Mode is Disabled 3) When start Hackintosh Zone screen, i use bootflag -x GraphicsEnabler=No Npci=0x3000 4) I cant run OSX Installation. Kernel Panic Any Idea? Thanks!
  10. So i just installed macOS 10.12.3 on my laptop and now the graphics driver is not working... CPU : Intel Celeron 887 GPU : Integrated HD Graphics I can only have 4MB of vram and cannot set display brightness. I searched for a whole afternoon and cannot find any drivers / fixes Plz help...
  11. Bootloop (Restarting by itself) after installing Nvidia Web Driver Hi. Recently, I have successfully installing a. Hackintosh Sierra on my PC. It's my first try use a Hackintosh. The question I want to ask is why my pc is kept restarting by itself (Kernel Panic?) after installing NvidiaWebDriver? I've try many various ways on google but still don't work. Here is one of my crashlog witonly one arguments This crashlog with Nvda_drv=1 This is with GraphicEnabler=0 And nvda_drv=1 The Reason why I'm doing this I'm tired of my screen tearing, Only have 5 MB of VRAM (As stated on "About this Mac") .My intel HD 530 won't work, even though I install the driver from Multibeast. My pc Spec. Hackintosh Zone Sierra 10.12.3 Installed on separated Harddisk drive (I have 2 Drive ; The first drive for windows; The Second one for Hackintosh) Using Clover as boot loader Using DVI to VGA adapter to connect to my monitor (my monitor does not have DVI slot) i3-6100 H110M GTX 950 8GB Of Ram Looking for further replies sorry for my bad English
  12. the sata mode in my bios is set to AHCI also I tried copying some kexts I found around the internet (that should help with detecting the sata disk drive) to the usb EFI\Clover\Kext\other folder but still it doesn't detect my hard drive any ideas what else could be wrong? should I format it in any particular way?
  13. Cant Install Yosemite in an AMD PC Hello I tried to Install Yosemite on my HP Pavilion AMD A10-8700P Radeon R6, 10 Compute Cores 4C + 6G 1.80 GHz model 14-av005la HP. 16 GB RAM. I downleaded the Niresh's Yosemite with AMD & Intel ISO & USB. Im using a 16gb USB. I tried different bootflags but it frozes. Here is a picture of tat moment. Please help! Thanks in advance!!!
  14. BCM943225 Country code error I'm sorry for my bad English, I was able to install sierra on my HP Folio 9470M and it all works fine but I noticed that the BCM943225 wi-fi card as US country code and some apps controlling the location do not work because Require as country code IT. Being a beginner, I wonder if some good soul can explain how to replace the wrong code. thank you Gc PS: Pc Hp Folio 9470M I5 - 8Gb - 250 SSD - Wi-Fi BCM943225 (no BT) Niresh Sierra Zone
  15. The method I used to install Yosemite on my PC was using TransMac to write the DMG file of Niresh Zone Yosemite to my 8 GB flash drive. If you want to go with the appstore version of El Capitan, then you'll need to have access to a Mac or at least have El Capitan running in a virtual machine like I did using the DevHackers El Capitan ISO on VirtualBox: From there you can download the appstore version of El Capitan (10.11.6) and get your USB ready using disk utility and write the contents of the appstore version of El Capitan to your flashdrive with Unibeast which will also include the Clover bootloader if my memory serves me correctly. It may be a bit easier to use Niresh Zone El Capitan if you're coming from Windows. I don't know the process for those on Linux but I suppose the ISO version would suffice in that circumstance alongside the dd command in terminal. (If you're using TransMac on Windows, you'll want to get the DMG version. If you're using VirtualBox or Linux, you'll want to get the ISO version.)
  16. H170m-plus Sierra sound problem any idea? i have a external sound card (creativ sound blaster) and the same way work .. paly any video and sound (delaied) (stutters) sorry for bad english
  17. Many Cache memory using Hi all my friend, I have installed Sierra on gigabyte ga b85 hd3 , ram 8 gb , geforce gt 630 When I installed, I had problems that unexpected error occurs but I can boot Sierra after installation now I see many cache memory usage but I don't open anything, any application. So, I want to fix this error Please help me, how I can fix.
  18. Probably choose sata mode to AHCI (on your bios)
  19. My bios settings were properly set and not installed via usb 3.0 because it wouldn't boot the bootloader for me from it. Also I modded the Sierra from the mac store on Mavericks and installed that and got it done in one go. Everything I have done from here has required multiple things that went wrong one way or another. Either it won't boot or it breaks on its own without anything done but a reboot and boot flags not working. Honestly, I think more buhs were created than removed. No offense to the people who worked on this but alot of these kinks do need to be wprked out. This isn't criticism, it is info for the devs.
  20. What are your bios settingsregarding your hdd's?
  21. installation doesn't detect my hard drive Hi I'm trying to install mac osx sierra zone on my asus n56 laptop, the installation boots fine and go through language selection but at the windows where i need to choose hard disk, my hard drive isn't detected, neither disk utility shows my hard drive. my hard drive is a intell 160GB ssd which currently has linux ubuntu installed on it.
  22. You cannot find it on that usb disk because it is not there. It is however on earlier versions like the Mavericks usb installer, which is what I used. I could not get Sierra to install properly so I made one from the Mac store version and found a custom kernel made for Sierra 10.12.4 that works on 10.12.5 so I'm running the latest Sierra right now.
  23. Installed yosemite but problem with post installation me too. Impossible make bootable hd (without usb) problem with video no 1366x1280 resolution and many other issue
  24. Restart after Install ?! Hello guys ! i Install OS X Maverick Zone Hackintosh 10.9.0 but after first restart he give me only background of the mac desktop with out anything and its like not clearly, and when i try to do restart again and press recovery when he start go into mac after 1 sec he do restart !!!?? i have Lenovo tiny and lenovo Yoga 260 can you help please how can i install mac on ( Lenovo Yoga 260 and lenovo tiny ) Thanks in advance
  25. Best Backup & Restore for MacOS Sierra Dear all, Thank you for bringing the latest version of MacOS to PC. This is the first time I install MacOS on PC successfully. Yesterday, I try to use Time Machine to backup the OS and try to update the OS to 10.12.5 - which is available on the Store. After that, the OS gets stuck. It does not drive me to the login screen so I think about restore from Time Machine backup, But it is impossible. I found some articles, they told that there is an option to use restore from Time Machine function from the boot disk, but I cannot find the one in the Boot USB that was made with the DMG file downloaded. So, is there any solution for this? or I need to burn another Boot USB to get the restore function to restore OS from the Time Machine Backup? Thank you very much. Hoc Nguyen from Vietnam.
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    sorry for double-posting, but i'm afraid i'll lose important files. Can someone help me on this?
  27. Burn DMG -> USB on Linux i need to create usb, im in linux(Kaos Linux ) but i use DD, Kde Partition Manager -> Restore image, and other tools and i don't get booted.... only hangs on pulsating cursor ... can anyone help? thanks in adavance.
  28. yes it's support
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