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    • Loop of startup Hackintosh script Hi all, eventually I managed to do an installation of niresh distro Sierra hackintosh zone. After initial setup of my user, the hackintosh zone script starts telling me that it fixes permissions, updates system caches, etc. It also rebuilds the launch service database and adds hackintosh icons to the dock. At the end it finishes with "The installation was successful. Your Hackintosh is optimized now". After that the script restarts. This leads to a blown up dock, because with each run the hackintosh icons are added to the dock with each run. Rebooting the machine does not change anything. How can I stop this script? Has anybody encountered the same? What is the name of the script? What should I google for? Cheers Ferschtl
    • Video / Audio out of Sync I'm using latest Sierra Zone (iMac 14.2). My pc configuration is core i3 2100/6gb ram/nvedia210 1gb/1TB HDD. Nothing is modified after install Seirra Zone. Now problem is when im playing movie or video song or any audio song, after 15-20min the audio video become out of sync. even I quit the player the audio play for 2-3 sec. I have tried Mplayer Extende, VLC but same problem. I didnot modified anything. for that I need help if any fix is available please help me.   
    • Sierra Zone Instant Reboot No matter the boot flags, Sierra Zone will reboot after trying to load kexts in Enoch. I've installed Sierra before on this machine by manually creating an install USB as instructed from AMD-OSX.com, but was too buggy to work with because I was too lazy to fix it. I did use the exact Enoch configuration, but on Sierra Zone, all I get is an instant reboot. I did also try to use the kernel I originally used, but that didn't do anything. System: AMD FX-4130 Gigabyte GA-LMT78-USB3 rev. 5.0 Power Color Red Devil RX 480 8GB
    • osx sierra hello,i have a laptop (ASUS ROG) i7,gtx960m,i made a bootable pendrive of osx sierra,i di a partition of 100GB and when i tried to erase it to install the os it is saying erase failed,so, i have an external harddrive of 120GB, can i install the os in it?
    • I see there is not much feedback in this forum, any way I wanted to post an update After updating the Brix Pro Bios to version F7 from F4 I was able to boot from the hard drive, once the OSX loads, the USB keyboard works fine BUT the USB mouse does not, it seem like there is no power getting to the mouse because the light is off, in order to make it work I had to unplug it from the USB port and plug it back in into the same USB port then the mouse´s light came on and the mouse was working, it is a simple thing to do every time I power up the system but I would love to get it solved...

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About This File

Hackintosh Network Solution Sierra Edition by Hackintosh Zone

Finding WiFi, Lan kexts for your Hackintosh is hard in some case, this solution Auto Install Ethernet & WiFi kexts for most of the Hackintosh Machines including Laptops.

but i have already made an All In One Network Solution that worked with Yosemite and prior versions but it may not work with Sierra, i have updated latest Kexts that will work with sierra and removed old kexts

The following articles may help you.

How To Find Hackintosh Internet (Ethernet & Wifi) Drivers + Kexts

Supported Hackintosh Wifi Adapters For Desktops & Laptops


Make sure you have installed LSPCI binary before installing this package

Remove any custom kexts that you have manually installed, before installing this package.

Download LSPCI


The Following Network Adapter PCI IDs are Hackintosh Supported but some of them may not work if too old

  1. 0x002b168c
  2. 0x002d168c
  3. 0x002e168c
  4. 0x00ba11ab
  5. 0x057614e4
  6. 0x10261969
  7. 0x10298086
  8. 0x10318086
  9. 0x10328086
  10. 0x10338086
  11. 0x10348086
  12. 0x10358086
  13. 0x10368086
  14. 0x10378086
  15. 0x10388086
  16. 0x10398086
  17. 0x103a8086
  18. 0x103b8086
  19. 0x103c8086
  20. 0x103d8086
  21. 0x103e8086
  22. 0x10498086
  23. 0x104a8086
  24. 0x104b8086
  25. 0x104c8086
  26. 0x104d8086
  27. 0x10508086
  28. 0x10518086
  29. 0x10528086
  30. 0x10538086
  31. 0x10548086
  32. 0x10558086
  33. 0x10568086
  34. 0x10578086
  35. 0x10598086
  36. 0x105e8086
  37. 0x105f8086
  38. 0x10608086
  39. 0x10621969
  40. 0x10631969
  41. 0x10648086
  42. 0x10658086
  43. 0x10668086
  44. 0x10678086
  45. 0x10688086
  46. 0x10698086
  47. 0x106a8086
  48. 0x106b8086
  49. 0x10731969
  50. 0x107d8086
  51. 0x107e8086
  52. 0x107f8086
  53. 0x10831969
  54. 0x108b8086
  55. 0x108c8086
  56. 0x10901969
  57. 0x10911969
  58. 0x10918086
  59. 0x10928086
  60. 0x10938086
  61. 0x10948086
  62. 0x10958086
  63. 0x10968086
  64. 0x10988086
  65. 0x109a8086
  66. 0x10A01969
  67. 0x10A11969
  68. 0x10a48086
  69. 0x10a58086
  70. 0x10b98086
  71. 0x10ba8086
  72. 0x10bb8086
  73. 0x10bc8086
  74. 0x10bd8086
  75. 0x10bf8086
  76. 0x10c08086
  77. 0x10c28086
  78. 0x10c38086
  79. 0x10c48086
  80. 0x10c58086
  81. 0x10cb8086
  82. 0x10cc8086
  83. 0x10cd8086
  84. 0x10ce8086
  85. 0x10d38086
  86. 0x10d58086
  87. 0x10d98086
  88. 0x10da8086
  89. 0x10de8086
  90. 0x10df8086
  91. 0x10e58086
  92. 0x10ea8086
  93. 0x10eb8086
  94. 0x10ef8086
  95. 0x10f08086
  96. 0x10f58086
  97. 0x10fe8086
  98. 0x12098086
  99. 0x12111113
  100. 0x12278086
  101. 0x12288086
  102. 0x12298086
  103. 0x13001186
  104. 0x15018086
  105. 0x15028086
  106. 0x15038086
  107. 0x150c8086
  108. 0x15258086
  109. 0x153a8086
  110. 0x153b8086
  111. 0x15598086
  112. 0x155a8086
  113. 0x156f8086
  114. 0x15708086
  115. 0x15D68086
  116. 0x15D78086
  117. 0x15D88086
  118. 0x15E38086
  119. 0x15a08086
  120. 0x15a18086
  121. 0x15a28086
  122. 0x15a38086
  123. 0x15b78086
  124. 0x15b88086
  125. 0x15b98086
  126. 0x160014e4
  127. 0x165a14e4
  128. 0x167214e4
  129. 0x167314e4
  130. 0x167a14e4
  131. 0x167b14e4
  132. 0x168014e4
  133. 0x168114e4
  134. 0x168214e4
  135. 0x168414e4
  136. 0x168614e4
  137. 0x169114e4
  138. 0x169214e4
  139. 0x169314e4
  140. 0x169814e4
  141. 0x169b14e4
  142. 0x16b014e4
  143. 0x16b114e4
  144. 0x16b414e4
  145. 0x16b514e4
  146. 0x170010B7
  147. 0x171214e4
  148. 0x171314e4
  149. 0x20601969
  150. 0x20621969
  151. 0x21001148
  152. 0x22001148
  153. 0x22498086
  154. 0x24598086
  155. 0x245d8086
  156. 0x294c8086
  157. 0x431514e4
  158. 0x43201148
  159. 0x432011AB
  160. 0x432114e4
  161. 0x432214e4
  162. 0x432914e4
  163. 0x432a14e4
  164. 0x435011ab
  165. 0x435111ab
  166. 0x435211ab
  167. 0x435311ab
  168. 0x435411ab
  169. 0x435714e4
  170. 0x435814e4
  171. 0x435914e4
  172. 0x435A11ab
  173. 0x436011ab
  174. 0x436211ab
  175. 0x436311ab
  176. 0x436411ab
  177. 0x436511ab
  178. 0x436a11ab
  179. 0x4B011186
  180. 0x4C001186
  181. 0x81001148
  182. 0x813110ec
  183. 0x813610ec
  184. 0x813910ec
  185. 0x816710ec
  186. 0x816810ec
  187. 0x81681186
  188. 0x816910ec
  189. 0x82001148
  190. 0x90001148
  191. 0x91001148
  192. 0x92001148
  193. 0x9E001148
  194. 0x9e001148
  195. 0xE0911969
  196. 0xE0A11969
  197. 0xE0B11969


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