Broadcom Ethernet Kext for Sierra 1.0.0

By Niresh

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About This File

Broadcom Lan Controller Beta Driver for Sierra, This may work, may not work, give it a try and report problems in the comments below.

Here are the supported IDs

  • 0x165a14e4
  • 0x167a14e4
  • 0x167214e4
  • 0x167b14e4
  • 0x167314e4
  • 0x169114e4
  • 0x169b14e4
  • 0x169314e4
  • 0x171214e4
  • 0x171314e4
  • 0x16b114e4
  • 0x16b514e4
  • 0x16b014e4
  • 0x168214e4
  • 0x168614e4
  • 0x16b414e4
  • 0x168414e4
  • 0x169214e4
  • 0x168414e4
  • 0x16b414e4
  • 0x16b014e4
  • 0x168214e4
  • 0x168614e4

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