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    • By Nathaniel
      Upgrade to Sierra from Yosemite-Zone
      Hello there! I am new to hackintoshing, and I just installed Yosemite-Zone on my computer: Dell Inspiron 530
      -1.99 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
      -3 GB 664 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
      -NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 1024 MB
      I was wondering how I could update to Sierra from my existing installation without loosing any data. I tried to use the App Store installer, but when I clicked restart, it stayed with a black screen and the mouse for a long time, until it restarted, but it didn't do anything. I also tried to boot into the drive labeled 'Recovery' but I got a crossed out circle. I was able to boot back into Yosemite, but no Sierra. Any ideas? Thanks!
    • By Przemkowski
      Intel HD 3000 kexts Sierra?
      Hi, is anywhere package of Intel HD 3000 kexts for Sierra? I searched these forums and can't find a way to enable full acceleration for this graphic card in Sierra. Anybody could help, pls?
    • By ranitdatta
      Weird Post Installation Problems and Glitches
      I'm having numerous problems after installing macOS Sierra Zone. I created a bootable drive using the dmg file, and installation went smoothly with boot-args: npci=0x3000 and kcsuffix=amd1. 
      The problems I'm facing is: The icons on the menu bar (the finder bar) don't show up. The apple logo on the extreme left is missing and all the icons are distorted smudge of colours. 
      And the graphics is not working. Desktop tearing is occurring and the 'About this mac' shows graphics card as 'AMD Radeon 4330M 4 MB'. My laptop doesn't have 4330M, the GPU is 7460G and the discrete graphics card is 7670M. The hackintosh detects the 7670M, but the 4330M is set as the primary display. 
      I have tried using 'Inject ATI' in clover, 'LoadVBios' and 'PatchVBios', I have tried modifying the 'info.plist' in AMDradeon7000controller.kext and everything I could find.
      The screen tearing is unbearable. Please help! 
      Thank you!
      P.S.: My system is AMD APU A8-4500M, with dual Graphics: 7640G+7670M. Hard Drive 1 TB SATA, 8GB RAM.
      Direct Link: https://cl.ly/0l3v37283F3I/Errors - Copy.jpg
    • By KushBarbie
      Error allocating
      I've been trying to boot into the installer but as soon as I select Sierra from the boot loader I get this: http://i63.tinypic.com/1zl81ar.jpg
      I think it may be poor flash drives, but I've tried two now with the same results. 
      I have Yosemite working if that means anything.
      Any ideas? Thanks!
    • By nanerasingh
      Dell Vostro 2420 HD4000 Sierra 10.12.3 Works
      Finally i succeed to install sierra on Dell Vostro 2420 HD4000, i5-3210,
      working with Clover bootloader
      1.HD4000 with QE/CI. igplatform-id=0166009 injecton.
      2.Touchpad after rehabman new ps2controller.
      3.Wifi replaced with BCM4322 OOB WORKs.Ethernet RTL8111 Works oob,
      4.sound working with voodoo 2.8.9 
      5.camera working. Fake smc with kozlec plugin works.
      Not working
      1.Apple hda patching not working, dont know the issue. maybe sierra patching apple hda required.(circus Logic CS4213)
      2. Voodoo sound microphone problem, no voice recorded, mic detected but not listening voice, tried mic issue in forums
      if microphone issue can be solved then it will be better, please help for solution.
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