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      • By misterphoton1
        OSX Distro of El Capitan or Sierra Available
        I would love to get a download of a distro that has an installer with a GUI. Niresh's past Mavericks release worked for me, but I cannot get to a Vanilla Install of Sierra or El Capitan with bootflags. Thanks Much, Nick - I can make my email available as well.
      • By Rico Cremer
        Can not boot up Yosemite install without installer USB

        It's been a while!

        So, I came across two old SFF setups that I could buy for just a couple of bucks. One of them is an NEC power mate VL280. I installed Yosemite 10.10.1 on it which I updated to 10.10.5 without problems. Everything is working fine, except for 2 little problems:

        1. I can't boot up from my harddrive. Chameleon gives me the error that mach_kernel cannot be found. It boots fine when I use the Yosemite install USB to boot, though. When I link to the kernel in /System/Library/Kernel/ in the boot arguments, my computer just reboots.
        2. Whenever the computer goes into standby, my monitor refuses to power back on.
        Any advice?

        Intel Core 2 Duo E6550, 2.3Ghz
        Motherboard is unknown, since it is produced for NEC, but it has the Intel G31 or G33 chipset
        Sapphire Radeon HD 6450 1GB, Low-Profile
        4GB DDR2 RAM, 667Mhz

        I am using Chameleon v2.2svn r2286 as built-in boot loader.

        Thanks in advance,


      • By ojira
        $500 fully working budget Hackintosh build
        Here is a great list I put together that has fully compatible parts for 10.12 Sierra, with graphics acceleration. 
        The full cost of the build is $510 USD, with $10 mail in rebate if you choose to do so.
        Skylake CPUs are fully compatible in Sierra, so no need to worry
        Simply follow the Sierra guide using MacPwn from, burn the USB, and boot with -v and nv_disable=1 and install!
        Now simply download this file
        install and then open your EFI parition (finder > preferences > show hard disks> and navigate to "Clover" "config.plist" double click it, and it will open with Clover Configurator. Under boot, use -v nvda_drv=1 and darkwake=0 reboot. You should now have graphics acceleration working. 
        To get sound, use the All In One sound patcher from this site, and sound should be working on the motherboard.
        Finally, for iMessage, Facetime, App Store, and iCloud, follow this guide here STEP BY STEP
        You should now have a fully working, great system for video editing and gaming. 
        DISCLAIMER: I have not bought these parts myself, I simply know from experience they are compatible and will work great with OS X Yosemite
      • By ojira
        Niresh - Sierra release date?
        Hi! I'm new to this site. Love Niresh and his project, what his distros stand for, and what they enable us end users to do. However, Yosemite is becoming very outdated. I was wondering if there's a speculated release date, or if Niresh is even working on a release for Sierra. Sure MacPwn is great, but it's only for Macs. Yosemite Zone allowed Windows users to hackintosh if they didn't have a preexisting MacOS installation. Would like to know if Niresh is working on it
      • By alex.mircea121
        Sierra Waiting For Root Device (PLS HELP!)
        Hey guy this is really frustrating!
        I've tried to install sierra on my Alienware Aurora R4 and all I get when trying to install is waiting for root device. PLS HELP NOOB ALERT! It's a bootable clover usb version with sierra. 
        This is the guide I've used:
        Dell Alienware Aurora R4
        Nvidia GTX-680
        Intel i7-3820

        btw. these are my bootflags: npci=0x2000 -v USBBusFix=Yes cpus=1 
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