OS X Shutdown Fix 10.8 / 10.9 1.0
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By Deepak

About This File

his should be more rapid under 10.8 and 10.9 the off! 
On Mac and Hackintosh! IMPORTANT: app "hangs" for a while before completion, because access rights are repaired! 

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        Hello everyone.
        So I setup my virtual machine last night. This morning I went to install xcode and waited all day for it to install. I get home and it still hasn't installed. It stays at the spinning loading screen on the top left next to the back and forward buttons.
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        I'm having an issue making iCloud work. The only one that works for me is App Store, the rest won't work. 
        I've already tried the solution with EfiStudio, and already downloaded the Nvram file into Modules folder. 
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        Hey Guys
        I have an Asus ux32a-db5.
        I have succefully installed mac os mavericks on to it with a dual boot of windows 7
        Everything is working perfect even battery,brightness,sound and HDMI.
        I changed my Wifi centurion card for an Atheros 9285.
        I am using an Atheros 9285 wifi card to use the internet which is working fine.
        I dont have Lan connector since it is a thin ultra book.
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      • By Deepak

        Make Clover&Chameleon bootable USB Flash Disk

        under OS Windows XP ,7,8 and 8.1.


        BootDisk Utility is intended to make a external bootable USB Flash Disk by installing to it special Data set (MBR, PBR sectors and Data files) of EFI-based Clover bootloader & Chameleon bootloaders.


        In the root directory of the
        boot disk are numbered boot files. At boot time, for 3 seconds when the flashing line at the top left of the screen, press the corresponding key:
        boot (Clover 64bit-default) - no key
        boot2 (Chameleon) - 2
        boot3 (Clover 32bit - in the last Clover revisions - not included) - 3
        boot6 (Clover 64bit - the same default) - 6
        boot7 (that includes BiosBlockIO driver for RAID controllers, JMicron, NForce and other non-Intel SATA/ATA/SCSI etc.) - 7

      • By Deepak
        It helps to install Platforms, layout and Info files.
        It supports multi-line binpatches.
        Now it also has convert feature: helps to quick compress and decompress xml and xml.zlib files. Based on zlib.pl made by RevoGirl.
        Bonus: Patching AppleRTC to prevent CMOS resets after sleep.

        It will not create any files, it will only help you install them.

        You still need a DSDT patch, or HDAEnabler.kext with proper LayoutID.

        Thanks to janek202
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