VoodooPS/2 10.9 1.8.9
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By Deepak

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This  RehabMan's version of Voodoo PS2 and for some reason it would not load on OS X 10.9 Mavericks.  it works for me so all credit to him. Be sure to check his site as I'm sure he will soon update it.


How to Install See this link


What's New in Version 1.8.9


  • Compiled for Osx 10.9

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      • By albertogomezp27
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        First of all i must tell you that i'm spanish and i'm using a Lenovo Z50-70 (laptop) with the spanish keyboard layout, i've tried this several times and i can't find out the solution.
        I've followed some spanish tutorials that explain how to make the hackintosh, but any of them noticed my problem... They can install SUCCESFULLY the OS in their computers (with spanish keyboard)
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        My setup:
        ASUS H81M-A/BR
        Intel Core i3 4170 3.70GHz Haswell
        1x2GB RAM (I know this is too little but it shouldn't be a problem)
        AMD HD 6670 (I tried removing it and using the integrated graphics but it's still the same).
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