AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement 216.0.0
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By Deepak

About This File

Patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext for Mavericks 10.9.1

What's New in Version 216.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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      • By Bachir Bouchemla
        Hello, Hackintoshers!
        I'm really intrested of Hackintosh PC's! That's why i'm wondering..
        Is my PC Laptop compatible with Hackintosh OS X?
        here's my specs.
        Packard Bell Easynote TE69HW
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      • By Deepak

        Make Clover&Chameleon bootable USB Flash Disk

        under OS Windows XP ,7,8 and 8.1.


        BootDisk Utility is intended to make a external bootable USB Flash Disk by installing to it special Data set (MBR, PBR sectors and Data files) of EFI-based Clover bootloader & Chameleon bootloaders.


        In the root directory of the
        boot disk are numbered boot files. At boot time, for 3 seconds when the flashing line at the top left of the screen, press the corresponding key:
        boot (Clover 64bit-default) - no key
        boot2 (Chameleon) - 2
        boot3 (Clover 32bit - in the last Clover revisions - not included) - 3
        boot6 (Clover 64bit - the same default) - 6
        boot7 (that includes BiosBlockIO driver for RAID controllers, JMicron, NForce and other non-Intel SATA/ATA/SCSI etc.) - 7

      • By Deepak
        It helps to install Platforms, layout and Info files.
        It supports multi-line binpatches.
        Now it also has convert feature: helps to quick compress and decompress xml and xml.zlib files. Based on made by RevoGirl.
        Bonus: Patching AppleRTC to prevent CMOS resets after sleep.

        It will not create any files, it will only help you install them.

        You still need a DSDT patch, or HDAEnabler.kext with proper LayoutID.

        Thanks to janek202
      • By Deepak
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      • By Deepak
        El Coniglio released this DSDT editor with automated patching capabilities

        Note: DSDT Editor is written in Java, so you will need to install Java in order to run it.
        1.OS X should prompt you to install Java and automatically download and install it through Software Update . If it doesn't, I suggest you visit and download the Java package appropriate for your version of OS X.
        2.Windows Should need Java if You have installed don't need to do anything .if doesn't i suggest you Visit nd download the Java Version appropriate for your version of Windows.
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