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    • Restarting Hi, I have installed hackintosh Yosemite from this site with no problems, but I'm trying to install macOS sierra the system restarts again, I used -v -f npci=0x2000 flags and worked in Yosemite but no flags are working here it not even goes in verbose. It restarts from [ACPI Patcher]. My system: AMD Fx 6100 Gigabyte Ga-78LMT-S2PT 8 GB ram nvidia 610 2GB Graphics card    
    • Can I develop and upload iOS apps? Hello, Can I develop and upload ios apps in hackintosh? in my serial number there is something like ASRLNMBR. Can Apple detect this when uploading by xcode? Should I use valid serial number?
    • I try it. but it's not working. i try to installing with each setting. can you tell me a tested setting or sending me screenshot?  
    • High Sierra so if i install high sierra over my current build (i7 4790k, GA-Z97X-UD7 TH, RX480, 32GB DDR3) clover does not load, and clove posts: "OsxAptioFix2Drv : starting overrides for \System\Library\CoreServices\boot.efi Using relic Block : no, hibernate wake: no Error loading kernel cache (0xe) boot failed, sleeping for 10 seconds before exiting..." and if I install from usb than it says installed incorrectly and restart app and try again. I will be installing without updating the filesystem to see if the same thing happens. does anyone know a fix to this?
    • Problem installing Sierra Zone on Aspire 6930g Hi to all, i tried to install Sierra Zone in my notebook Acer aspire 6930g (intel core 2 duo t5800, nvidia 9800gs, 4gb ram, ssd 250gb) I Boot from pendrive, but after some second it reboot itself, so i tried to boot with -x flag and it boot, but it stopped at:  appleps2controller:timed out on keyboard input stream. I tried with external keyboard, or with PciRootUID=1, graphichesabler=yes, npci=0x2000,3000, -f but nothing appened. Is there a flag for bypass the appleps2controller:timed out on keyboard input stream problem. Thanks to all. p.s. Sorry for my english, i'm italian.

iBoostUp Ver 3.91
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By Deepak

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About This File


ico_meter.pngStatus The iBoostUp status screen gives you an easy to read overview of your system and it's health. ico_clean.pngQuick Clean

Clean and speed up your Mac and improve your OS X experience with only a few clicks! ico_cookie.pngCookies

Data stored in cookies may be used by websites to track your browsing. Removing cookies may reduce tracking, but may also log you out of websites. ico_dedupe.pngDuplicate File Finder *

Duplicate File Finder helps you regain disk space and reduce clutter by searching for files with identical content, irrespective of location or filename. Please review scan results carefully before selecting files for removal, but rest assured that in case of inadvertent deletion your files are recoverable from Mac OS's Trash. ico_shrink.pngApp Shrinker *

Mac OS Applications often include space consuming resources such as a variety of unneeded language files. iBoostUp's App Shrinker trims applications into shape and saves disk space by removing these components. ico_cache.pngSystem Caches

System caches can be useful in speeding up access to commonly launched applications or webpages. Over time caches can grow to consume considerable amounts of disk space so occasional purging is recommended. ico_disk.pngDisk Optimization

Regularly performing a Disk Health 'Scan and Fix' will keep your startup times fast and your Mac responsive. ico_ram.pngMemory Booster *

Mac OS X is quite competent at managing your system's memory, but in certain instances manually freeing memory can be beneficial to performance. Memory Booster frees up your Mac's RAM and is recommended for use prior to launching memory intensive applications such as graphic design packages, games and emulators. ico_net.pngNetwork Optimization

iBoostUp is able to measure access to your most commonly visited websites and suggest more optimal settings if required. ico_crashes.pngCrash Logs

Viewing your list of crashed applications can help troubleshoot performance and stability problems. ico_start.pngStartup Items

iBoostUp makes it easy to view all items loaded at startup and services installed on your Mac. ico_log.pngClean System Logs

Your Mac Operating System and installed applications keep a log of certain events. System logs can be useful when diagnosing problems, but over time can grow to consume considerable amounts of disk space. ico_firewall.pngFirewall

Checks your firewall and gives security recommendations based on your current settings. ico_shredder.pngFile Shredder

Deleted files are usually recoverable from your disks and memory cards using specialized recovery software. iBoostUp's File Shredder securely wipes files you select and makes them unrecoverable. ico_arp.pngARP Cache Poisoning Detector *

ARP poisoning is a network attack technique whereby a connected user sends fake Address Resolution Protocol messages onto a local network. Attackers may then be able to intercept, modify and otherwise disrupt your network traffic. iBoostUp's ARP Cache Poisoning Detector scans for and alerts you with recommendations when ARP Cache Poisoning attacks are detected on the network. ico_wifi.pngWireless security

Connecting to the internet using a Wi-Fi access point is quick and easy, but depending on configuration, carries varying levels of privacy risks. iBoostUp's Wireless security tool checks your wi-fi connection and alerts you to potential privacy issues as well as giving security recommendations. ico_assoc.pngFile Type Associations

iBoostUp's File Type Associations tool allows you to view and edit which Applications are launched when clicking on different file types from Finder. ico_trashes.pngEmpty Trash

Scans for and removes items from your Trash. You should always examine your trashed items before emptying. ico_recent.pngFinder Recent Items

The Mac OS Finder keeps a list of recently accessed Applications, Documents and Servers. Cleaning is recommended for privacy. ico_safari.pngSafari Browser History

Apple's Safari Web Browser keeps a timestamped list of websites you've visited. Cleaning is recommended for privacy. ico_firefox.pngFirefox Browser History

Clears your Firefox browsers' web history. Cleaning is recommended for privacy. ico_chrome.pngGoogle Chrome Browser History

Google's Chrome Web Browser keeps a timestamped list of websites you've visited. Cleaning is recommended for privacy. ico_preview.pngPreview Recent Files

Clears OS X Preview's list of recently accessed images and documents. ico_quicktime.pngQuickTime Player Recent Items

Clears Apple QuickTime Player's list of recently accessed video files. ico_vlc.pngVLC Player Recent Items

Clears VideoLAN media player's list of recently accessed video files. ico_mplayer.pngMPlayerX Recent Items

Clears MPlayer's list of recently accessed video files. ico_downloads.pngDownloaded Files

Empty your 'Downloads' folder to remove files downloaded from the internet. You should always examine contents before emptying. ico_update.pngCheck My Applications

This feature will scan your system to find information about the software installed on your Mac. Utilizing the large iBoostUp community we are able to discover and display the most up-to-date information about any application that you have installed. ico_uninstaller.pngApp Uninstaller *

iBoostUp's Uninstaller helps remove unwanted Apps by seeking out any related files that would be otherw

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