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    • Bootloop (Restarting by itself) after installing Nvidia Web Driver Hi.   Recently, I have successfully installing a. Hackintosh Sierra on my PC. It's my first try use a Hackintosh. The question I want to ask is why my pc is kept restarting by itself (Kernel Panic?) after installing NvidiaWebDriver? I've try many various ways on google but still don't work.  Here is one of my crashlog witonly one arguments This crashlog with Nvda_drv=1 This is with GraphicEnabler=0 And nvda_drv=1 The Reason why I'm doing this I'm tired of my screen tearing, Only have 5 MB of VRAM (As stated on "About this Mac") .My intel HD 530 won't work, even though I install the driver from Multibeast. My pc Spec. Hackintosh Zone Sierra 10.12.3 Installed on separated Harddisk drive (I have 2 Drive ; The first drive for windows; The Second one for Hackintosh) Using Clover as boot loader i3-6100 H110M GTX 950 8GB Of Ram   Looking for further replies   sorry for my bad English  
    • the sata mode in my bios is set to AHCI also I tried copying some kexts I found around the internet (that should help with detecting the sata disk drive) to the usb  EFI\Clover\Kext\other folder but still it doesn't detect my hard drive   any ideas what else could be wrong? should I format it in any particular way?    
    • Cant Install Yosemite in an AMD PC Hello  I tried to Install Yosemite on my HP Pavilion AMD A10-8700P Radeon R6, 10 Compute Cores 4C + 6G 1.80 GHz
      16 GB RAM. I downleaded the Niresh's Yosemite with AMD & Intel ISO & USB. Im using a 16gb USB.  I tried different bootflags but it frozes. Here is a picture of tat moment.
      Please help!
      Thanks in advance!!!
    • BCM943225 Country code error I'm sorry for my bad English, I was able to install sierra on my HP Folio 9470M and it all works fine but I noticed that the BCM943225 wi-fi card as US country code and some apps controlling the location do not work because Require as country code IT.
      Being a beginner, I wonder if some good soul can explain how to replace the wrong code. thank you Gc PS: Pc Hp Folio 9470M I5 - 8Gb - 250 SSD - Wi-Fi BCM943225 (no BT) Niresh Sierra Zone 
    • The method I used to install Yosemite on my PC was using TransMac to write the DMG file of Niresh Zone Yosemite to my 8 GB flash drive. If you want to go with the appstore version of El Capitan, then you'll need to have access to a Mac or at least have El Capitan running in a virtual machine like I did using the DevHackers El Capitan ISO on VirtualBox: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CshWGnOMwcc From there you can download the appstore version of El Capitan (10.11.6) and get your USB ready using disk utility and write the contents of the appstore version of El Capitan to your flashdrive with Unibeast which will also include the Clover bootloader if my memory serves me correctly. It may be a bit easier to use Niresh Zone El Capitan if you're coming from Windows. I don't know the process for those on Linux but I suppose the ISO version would suffice in that circumstance alongside the dd command in terminal. (If you're using TransMac on Windows, you'll want to get the DMG version. If you're using VirtualBox or Linux, you'll want to get the ISO version.)

QuickSilver 1.1.3

By Niresh

1 Screenshot

About This File

Quicksilver is a fast and free Mac OS X productivity application that gives you the power to control your Mac quickly and elegantly. Quicksilver learns your habits, making your everyday chores simple and efficient.

Quicksilver is a launcher utility app for Mac OS X which gives you the ability to perform common, every-day tasks rapidly and without thought. An introduction to Quicksilver's abilities include:

Accessing applications, documents, contacts, music and much, much more.

Browsing your Mac's filesystem elegantly using keywords and 'fuzzy' matching.

Managing content through drag and drop, or grabbing selected content directly.

Interacting with installed applications through plugins.

What's New in Version 1.1.3

  • New
  • Added a "Default Browser" proxy object (#1638)
  • Text ending with / will be recognized as a URL. Entering qsapp/ will be expanded to http://www.qsapp.com/. This emulates the behavior of Safari 6's address bar. (#1594)
  • Modifier-only activation is more reliable and now works in password fields and Terminal with "Secure Keyboard Entry" enabled (#1586, #1713, #1715, #1712, #1723)
  • Show more detail when moving or copying files fails (#1668)
  • Ignore incomplete downloads from Opera (.opdownload) when identifying the Latest Download (#1676)
  • Include and exclude files using UTIs (#1708)
  • The Reveal action can be used with multiple files (#1745)
  • Fixed
  • Fix the Type Text action when typing non-ASCII characters (#1536)
  • Fix for accented characters on non-US keyboards (#1696)
  • Fix a crash with the Relaunch action (#1604, #1605)
  • Better recognition of URLs containing a colon (#1594)
  • Text proxies are created with a safe default value (#1624)
  • Renaming no longer fails on folders with '.' in their name (#1586)
  • Renaming no longer fails when only capitalization is changed (#1586)
  • Fix "Allow capitalized keys to select the action" behavior under 10.8 (#1030, #1586)
  • Fix a bug that prevented preferences from opening on 10.7 (#1628, #1630)
  • Fix a crash in the Primer Interface (#1608)
  • Make sure new triggers are selected after creation (#1637)
  • Ensure that the correct default interface is used on a new installation (#1639)
  • Load icons on the main thread to silence a warning on 10.9 (#1655, #1656)
  • Fixed some visual problems with the plugin updater (#1642, #1647)
  • Fixed some bugs that prevented changing trigger settings (#1650)
  • Prevent a crash related to the plugin updater (#1664)
  • Prevent user-disabled items from appearing in the interface (#1685, #1688)
  • Prevent corruption of pasted strings in triggers (#1597, #1730)
  • Fix a crash when running some Internal Commands (#1724)
  • Including/excluding files using unregistered extensions now works (#1469, #1708)
  • Folders that that appear to have file extensions are correctly identified as folders when excluding/excluding (#1742, #1708, #1753)
  • Correctly identify documents in iCloud (#1745)
  • Don't advertise application launches when scanning processes (#1756, #1758)
  • Clear the search string when clearing the first pane (#1760, #1772)
  • Prevent crashes when using the Setup Assistant (#1731, #1772)
  • More reliable matching of actions with items in the first pane under 10.9 (#1740, #1779)
  • File actions appear when multiple files are selected (#1747, #1755, #1740)
  • Prevent a crash when accessing items recently copied to the clipboard (#1716, #1774)
  • Restore the ability to drag and drop objects from the Quicksilver interface (#1780, #1774)
  • Make the Type Text action work with more items (#1779)
  • Make sure actions are assigned correctly when an application claims support for files that literally have and extension of * (#1777, #1779)
  • The Finder Selection proxy will now correctly refer to symbolic links instead of the links targets (#1729, #1748)
  • Improved efficiency and reliability for the Current Selection proxy object (#1748)
  • The Automator actions (Get Quicksilver Selection and Send to Quicksilver) are updated and working (#915, #1786)
  • Prevent the plugin updater from going off screen (#1769, #1797)
  • Internal Improvements (#1583, #1584, #1585, #1586, #1665, #1625, #1648, #1638, #1695, #1714, #1763, #1765, #1740, #1771, #1775, #1794)

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