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Download iASL & Intel ACPI Tools x64 2014/04/24

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Read Instructions Carefully

Intel ACPI tools. NEW version 2014/04/24 compiled by me from original sources. Use iasl compiler with your DSDTSE or another editor. To update your DSDTSE, simply right click on DSDTSE -> Show contents, drag'n'drop iasl into -> Contents -> Resources. Another editors have mostly the same way. Or another way by Terminal: drag iasl on Terminal window (bash), (press Return (Enter) to see all keys) -> write some keys, drag Aml/Dsl file to compile/decompile. This way you can more deeply configure/clean your DSDT during compile (especially with -w3 key), find more warnings and junk code, empty / uninitialized methods. Have a nice day compilings!.