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    • i am also exactly stucked on the same screen, my mother board is ga g41mt ES2L, which running el captian previouly.
    • PCI configuration end But no boot I just downloaded this and following the guide tried to install it on my Alienware laptop one that I don't use anymore it has insydeH20 bios the option to change from raid to AHCI but my CMOS set up doesn't have the options for any of the rest of it.. I hang at PCI configuration end bridges 5 devices 15. I have Intel core i7-3630qm at 2.4 GHz an Nvidia GeForce 660m an Intel centrineo wireless mini PCI card and 10 GB of RAM . Intel speedstep is enabled so is virtualization and integrated nic USB emulation USB powershare USB wake support sata operation is set to AHCI CPU turbo mode is enabled also Bluetooth wireless network and DMC are all enabled can someone please help..... Please disregard all this the new problem is that the screen goes black my lights and stuffs are still on the code was scrolling right a long then nothing went black on something to do with Bluetooth
    • As you call this an instant reboot, the problem must be bios configuration because only if the BIOS settings are incorrect most machines reboot without a Kernel Panic Try these BIOS Settings https://www.hackintosh.computer/281/hackintosh-bios-configurations/
    • I'll try to fix it in the next release, to resolve this issue Run these commands in the terminal sudo rm -rf /System/Library/LaunchAgents/Niresh12495.Volume.iRepairGUI.plist sudo rm -rf /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/Niresh12495.Volume.iRepairCLI.plist  
    • Loop of startup Hackintosh script Hi all, eventually I managed to do an installation of niresh distro Sierra hackintosh zone. After initial setup of my user, the hackintosh zone script starts telling me that it fixes permissions, updates system caches, etc. It also rebuilds the launch service database and adds hackintosh icons to the dock. At the end it finishes with "The installation was successful. Your Hackintosh is optimized now". After that the script restarts. This leads to a blown up dock, because with each run the hackintosh icons are added to the dock with each run. Rebooting the machine does not change anything. How can I stop this script? Has anybody encountered the same? What is the name of the script? What should I google for? Cheers Ferschtl

iTools for Windows and Mac 1115 Windows, 2.3.3 Mac

By Niresh

2 Screenshots

About This File

iTools is an Easy Alternative to iTunes with using it you can easily sync Music, Videos, Pictures and Ringtones

What's New in Version 1115 Windows, 2.3.3 Mac


  • Mac
  • iTools 2014 2.3.3
  • 1.Add devices connect failed tips.
  • 2.Add jailbreak but unpatched tips.
  • 3.Add clear cache in Preferences.
  • 4.Fix documentation is missing when install apps;
  • 5.Add iOS 7.1 Photos support;
  • 6.Fix tag is missing when inport music.
  • Windows
  • iTools 2013 Build 1115 Released:
  • 1. The new version is now compatible with iTunes 11.1.3 and iOS 7.0.4
  • 2. Support with iPad Air and new iPad mini
  • 3. Few minor bugs fixed.
  • iTools 2013 Build 1025 Released:
  • 1. The new version is now compatible with iTunes 11.1.2 and iOS 7.0.3
  • 2. Few minor bugs fixed.
  • 3. A new app store is added.
  • iTools 2013 Build 0922 Released:
  • 1. Fully supports iOS7
  • 2. Fully supports the brand new iPhone 5s and 5c
  • 3. The new version is now compatible with iTunes 11.1
  • 4. Fixed the bug that the new iTunes might ask you to restore your Apple device if connected with iTools.
  • 5. Fixed the bug that might cause media reloaded when tried to access.
  • 6. Fixed other minor bugs.

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