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    • Sierra Zone Error-''No Bless Setting For A Primary Boot Program Was Found'' Hello everyone
      I apologize in advance if my English is not the best but I am Italian.
      I have a really bad problem ... I tried to try to install Sierra, I removed the entire hard disk and then created a partition Mac OS Extended (Journaled) with MBR partitioning scheme ... Until here nothing strange, I choose the disk On which to install macOS, I'm Starting Installation ... But After 15 Seconds I Appear The Error '' No Bless Setting For A Primary Boot Program Was Found '' ... Now I'm Left Without OS and I'm Crazy ...
      Please give me a hand as soon as possible.
      Thanks in advance   Garry2199
    • Sierra only boots with usb plugged in otherwise black screen for gt 540m Hi ive somehow manage to get a compal pbl21 with 540m graphics fully working with Sierra O's apart from having to buy a wifi dongle but if i boot without the usb installation stick in i get black screen. I installed clover Uefi i think
    • HP G62 Intel Core I5 Problem with Mavericks,Yosmite. Hello EveryOne, This is my first post and i need your help, so if anyone can help me to solve my problem with the blackscreen after the installation, i will be thankfull, so thank you in advance.   I downloaded mac os x mavericks from your website and then I installed it on an 8go usb key with the help of Transmac or Win32diskimager. Then when the installation succeeded, I restarted the computer and then when I chose the hard drive where I install the mac system the gray apple or symbol hackintosh zone with the heart appears but either it disappears after 2 minutes and the Screen becomes black or the computer is turned off. The black screen appears after this picturehttp://1.bp.blogspot.com/-QbhRFM34-o0/UsYjsYHNHJI/AAAAAAAAFpI/jLDOT3_a3eE/s1600/Region%2Bcapture%2B10.png Regards,
    • Restarting Hi, I have installed hackintosh Yosemite from this site with no problems, but I'm trying to install macOS sierra the system restarts again, I used -v -f npci=0x2000 flags and worked in Yosemite but no flags are working here it not even goes in verbose. It restarts from [ACPI Patcher]. My system: AMD Fx 6100 Gigabyte Ga-78LMT-S2PT 8 GB ram nvidia 610 2GB Graphics card    
    • Can I develop and upload iOS apps? Hello, Can I develop and upload ios apps in hackintosh? in my serial number there is something like ASRLNMBR. Can Apple detect this when uploading by xcode? Should I use valid serial number?

iTools for Windows and Mac 1115 Windows, 2.3.3 Mac

By Niresh

2 Screenshots

About This File

iTools is an Easy Alternative to iTunes with using it you can easily sync Music, Videos, Pictures and Ringtones

What's New in Version 1115 Windows, 2.3.3 Mac

  • Mac
  • iTools 2014 2.3.3
  • 1.Add devices connect failed tips.
  • 2.Add jailbreak but unpatched tips.
  • 3.Add clear cache in Preferences.
  • 4.Fix documentation is missing when install apps;
  • 5.Add iOS 7.1 Photos support;
  • 6.Fix tag is missing when inport music.
  • Windows
  • iTools 2013 Build 1115 Released:
  • 1. The new version is now compatible with iTunes 11.1.3 and iOS 7.0.4
  • 2. Support with iPad Air and new iPad mini
  • 3. Few minor bugs fixed.
  • iTools 2013 Build 1025 Released:
  • 1. The new version is now compatible with iTunes 11.1.2 and iOS 7.0.3
  • 2. Few minor bugs fixed.
  • 3. A new app store is added.
  • iTools 2013 Build 0922 Released:
  • 1. Fully supports iOS7
  • 2. Fully supports the brand new iPhone 5s and 5c
  • 3. The new version is now compatible with iTunes 11.1
  • 4. Fixed the bug that the new iTunes might ask you to restore your Apple device if connected with iTools.
  • 5. Fixed the bug that might cause media reloaded when tried to access.
  • 6. Fixed other minor bugs.

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