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    • My bios settings were properly set and not installed via usb 3.0 because it wouldn't boot the bootloader for me from it. Also I modded the Sierra from the mac store on Mavericks and installed that and got it done in one go. Everything I have done from here has required multiple things that went wrong one way or another. Either it won't boot or it breaks on its own without anything done but a reboot and boot flags not working. Honestly, I think more buhs were created than removed. No offense to the people who worked on this but alot of these kinks do need to be wprked out. This isn't criticism, it is info for the devs.
    • What are your bios settingsregarding your hdd's?
    • installation doesn't detect my hard drive Hi I'm trying to install mac osx sierra zone on my asus n56 laptop, the installation boots fine and go through language selection but at the windows where i need to choose hard disk, my hard drive isn't detected, neither disk utility shows my hard drive.   my hard drive is a intell 160GB ssd which currently has linux ubuntu installed on it.
    • You cannot find it on that usb disk because it is not there. It is however on earlier versions like the Mavericks usb installer, which is what I used. I could not get Sierra to install properly so I made one from the Mac store version and found a custom kernel made for Sierra 10.12.4 that works on 10.12.5 so I'm running the latest Sierra right now.
    •   Installed yosemite but problem with post installation me too. Impossible make bootable hd (without usb) problem with video no 1366x1280 resolution and many other issue

DarwinDumper v2.9.2

By Deepak

1 Screenshot

About This File


App to dump OS X system information to aid troubleshooting.

A collection of scripts and tools to provide a convenient method to quickly gather a system overview of your OS X System. The app can be run from either the Finder or command line, with the resulting dumps saved to a 'DarwinDumperReports' folder in the same directory of the main app.

The following can be dumped:

- ACPI tables.
- Audio codec and further info.
- Boot loaders and configuration files.
- Device-properties.
- Disk partition structure / info.
- Disk sectors (hex).
- I/O Kit Registry.
- EFI Memory Map.
- EFI vars (some).
- Kernel information
- Kext List
- SMC Keys.
- LSPCI (PCI vendor & device codes) dumps.
- RTC.
- System Profiler.
- System BIOS.
- System Log(s).
- Video BIOS.

The app can create an HTML report showing a complete overview.

There is a 'privacy' option that will mask sensitive informationin the dumped files and the HTML report. For example, the IOPlatformSerialNumber, IOPlatformUUID, IOMACAddress(s) ,USB Serial Number(s), SystemSerialNumber, serial-number, fmm-mobileme-token-FMM, MLB and ROM efi vars.

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