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    • Can I install on Macbook Pro? Can I install any hackintosh version on macbook pro?
    • "AppleSmartBatteryMenager: GetbatterySTA() Failed" - HELP!! Hi, i'am new on this forum and i need a urgent help! i have install on my "Fujitsu A530" Niresh-Maverick, and after the restart (after install the OS) the console give me this error:   "AppleSmartBatteryMenager: GetbatterySTA() Failed"   How can fix this error?  Please help me! ç_ç
    • kernel panic installation was said to be not successful but I read a post at tonymacx86 that sometimes its installed successfully even though it said it isnt, so I rebooted and booted from my drive (where sierra is installed) then it booted successfully and i was able to set it up, got network, installed multibeast stuff like audio etc (although i didnt install anything from the misc cause i this is the 2nd time I tried a vanilla install of sierra and at 1st i installed nullcpu and fake smc but it had the same result as this one) now when I shut my pc down adn booted sierra from clover bootloader I got the panic error. what could be the problem that caused this kernel panic? my pc: core i5 6600 asus h110m-D gt730 1gb ddr5 hyper x 8gb ddr4 1TB HDD 500gb HDD 320gb HDD (where sierra is installed)   bios setup: fast boot-disabled intel virtualization-enabled, VT-d- disabled secure boot-other os intel graphics-enabled xhci hands off-enabled   thanks, best of luck to my question.   EDIT: changing ramm dimm slots fixed my kernel panics  
    • Post Installation Setup & Problems Hackintosh Sierra 10.12.3 My Setup:::::
      Toshiba Satellite p55w-c5204 Processor: intel i7-5500u
      Graphics: Intel HD 5500
      Audio: Realtek High Definition Audio
      Hard Drive: SSD 256 GB
      Ram: 8GB (4GB x 2)
      Display: Full HD IPS Wireless: Intel Wireless 7265AC I've successfully installed Hackintosh Sierra 10.12.3 with the help of TransMac app. I know the wireless isn't working as of now. So I've purchased a wireless usb device(Prolink WN2001) and it works. I somehow managed to make things work like audio, battery percentage etc.
      The main problem I'm facing is with Bootloader & Graphics. Intel HD5500 is detected but shows 7MB. The windows counterpart I've previously checked shows Dynamic Memory of 128 MB by default so it shouldn't be problem. My questions are:::
      1. How can I boot with hard drive without USB being plugged in? 2. How to fix the graphics issue? Do osx need to be booted from the hard drive in order to fix graphics issue? 

      Any help would be appreciated. 


Updated Ralink/Mediatek RT2870 RT2770 RT3X7X RT537X RT5572 Kexts
4 4

By Niresh

2 Screenshots

About This File

This solve the problematic Ralink Wireless Utility that simply does not work on yosemite and the package doesn´t install the maverick kext in yosemite.

Copy preference pane to SystemLibraryPreferencePanes

Copy kext for your MacOS version (use Maverick for Yosemite) to folder SystemLibraryExtensions

Repair permissions

Rebuild kext cache


Thanks to rodrigocunha

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