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    • is there away to make the appstore work is there away to be able to log into the appstore to download apps from it ? 
    • m2n68 am se 2 mac kurulumu Aşagıdaki Raporu İnceleyerek Bana Kurulum İle İlgili Bilgi Verirmisiniz. RAPOR M2N68-AM SE2 Asus anakart Amd Athlon II x2 250Processor 3.01 GHz işlemci 3 GB RAM 160 GB HDD  
    • Thanks, but if I try to delete one of these files, I get "Operation not permitted". I can't find any way to disable SIP (which seems to be the cause for this message).  CMD + R does not let me enter the recovery mode. I don't have any bootloader showing up that would allow me to enter bootflags or anything. I'm running on a Ubuntu 16.04 Host with Virtualbox 5.1.18.  
    • i also did the same and created the bootable usb with that dmg and  on g41 mother board, it boots but after i select hackntosh zone on boot menu after a few second it stucks on an different issue following by this thread below, here i only want to mention that the usb is working on my g41 mother board, but not working with my g61 gigabyte motherboard, so i think its not with usb i guess.

      please let me know if you can help us Niresh.  
    • Can't mount EFI partition with anything... @Niresh Hi, I wanted to ask how to mount EFI partition ? Cause I tried different tools and nothing seems to work... I have reinstalled OS several times, cause I thought maybe partition got corrupted somehow, but it would be corrupted it would not boot at all. Where's the problem.  Thank you. 

TL-WN751ND Kext Yosemite Edition 2.0


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Sono riuscito ad ottenere il Wifi perfettamente funzionante su Hackintosh con scheda WiFi Con Chipset AR9287 TL-WN751ND, il problema della ricerca delle reti WiFi, è stato risolto, adesso il Kext è Perfettamente funzionante su OS X Yosemite 10.10 Versione 14a389 ovvero la versione finale disponibile al pubblico su Mac App Store, per far si che il WiFi sia perfettamente funzionante, è fondamentale impostare i DNS Di google, appena dopo aver effettuato la Connessione WiFi, onde evitare problemi di Blocco Del Modem.

Si ringrazia mickey serbia ​Per aver fornito la base principale di questi kext ovvero "IO80211Family.kext".


I managed to get the WiFi working perfectly on Hackintosh with WiFi card With Chipset AR9287

TL-WN751ND, the problem of searching for WiFi networks, has been resolved, now the kext is Fully functional on OS X Yosemite 10.10 14a389 version or the final version publicly available on the Mac App Store, to make sure that the WiFi is working perfectly it is essential to set a DNS google, just after the WiFi connection in order to avoid problems of Block of Modem.

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