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    • Having trouble doing installation? Mobo:ASRock

      CPU:AMD A6-7400K

      Graphics:NVIDA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

      Other Hardware:
      16 GB
      1TB     if anyone can help me pm me on skype=  brandon83828 or help me on here?
    • Where do I enter this? Or what do I download or install?
    • Maverick Freezing i'm very new to all of this and I just finished installing mavericks OS on my PC and used the amd -v to start the installation and stuff after the long wait on the installation to finish when im setting up the mac preferences (ex. choosing what country you live in, user login info) my comp freezes after 30 seconds every time, i restart the comp and the moment I see the setup screen I have 30 seconds till it freezes again Specs 64-bit AMD FX Quad core 3.6 ghz I also have a graphics card but im not sure of which one (computer was given to me) Vengeance Ram x2 8gb (16gb) Gigabyte motherboard not sure which one exactly at the moment     I don't know if having graphicenabler on makes a different or not but I forgot to mess with the settings before I selected which drive to install on, ive been seeing some stuff around about a bootflag? but I have no idea what that is or how to get it
    • Help with Intel G530 graphics @Niresh I need your help please! On my desktop computer I have an Asrock H61M-VS mobo with Intel Celeron G530 CPU and integrated graphics. The only successful Hackintosh installation I’ve ever done is the one with your Sierra distro 10.12.3 in which graphics works perfectly. I wanted to ask you what did you put in your distro to make also G530 integrated graphics working. With every other way to install Hackintosh on a pc I’m unable to get to the installer as I’m stuck in verbose mode due to unsupported graphics. Please answer me, thank you so much!
    • Yes truely its possible to upgrade its kinda hard todo because if you have AMD Proccessor you need to wait until niresh releases a new hackintosh distro. and then make a backupwith time machine and install the newer mac from usb and then you will be asked to have your old data back from windows machine or from your old mac version which if you choose from mac all data will be copied to your new sierra from yosemite so you don't need to lose any data or backup everything on a different usb drive and then use time machine to recover files from usb if its possible because i never use time machine. If you don't want to recover any data then just click on configure as new mac. And it is safe to download app store updates if you have a good intel processor if you have amd you need to use a custom kernel which somebody has patched.   Just search on google with this search term: (example) hackintosh sierra amd patched kernel update 10.12.6 is the latest or you want to update yosemite to 10.10.5 search for update patched kernels amd 10.10.5   https://www.google.nl/search?q=amd+kernel+patched+hackintosh+yosemite+10.10.5&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiv5teI6ZzVAhUMmBoKHaHrAkQQ_AUICSgA&biw=1920&bih=925&dpr=1 Here is the search term i already have for you if its only what you need the search term i used =: amd kernel patched hackintosh yosemite 10.10.5 Or find on youtube a good video how to upgrade a hackintosh yosemite to sierra

Help with wi-fi 1.0

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the problem is this: 1) a microphone for some reason always listens and transmits sound to the speakers ... How to get rid of it?

2) The battery is not displayed ... put voodoobattery lion but he tells me that the battery is not connected (

3) negotiation failed to launch wi-fi set

Processor Notebook ASUS M50Vc:

Processor Brand ASUS M50Vc: Intel Core 2 Duo

Frequency ASUS M50Vc: 2000 - 2260 GHz

Cash ASUS M50Vc: 3 MB

Chipset ASUS M50Vc: Intel PM45 Express

Memory Notebook ASUS M50Vc:

Type ASUS M50Vc: DDR2-800

Volume ASUS M50Vc: 2048 - 3072 MB

Frequency ASUS M50Vc: 800 MHz

Display Notebook ASUS M50Vc:

Type of matrix ASUS M50Vc: WXGA

The size of the matrix ASUS M50Vc: 15.4 "

Resolution ASUS M50Vc: 1280 x 800

In addition, ASUS M50Vc: the number of colors - 16.7 million

Video System Notebook ASUS M50Vc:

Type ASUS M50Vc: NVIDIA GeForce 9300M G

The amount of memory ASUS M50Vc: 256 MB

Input Devices Notebook ASUS M50Vc:

Keyboard ASUS M50Vc: full-size

In addition, ASUS M50Vc: TouchPad

Laptop Drives ASUS M50Vc:

Hard Drive ASUS M50Vc: 160 - 250 GB


Opt. Drive ASUS M50Vc: Dual DVD-RW

Communication Notebook ASUS M50Vc:

wi-fi Intel 5100

Modem ASUS M50Vc: 56K ITU V.92

LAN ASUS M50Vc: 1 Gbit / s

WLAN ASUS M50Vc: 802.11b, 802.11g

Bluetooth ASUS M50Vc: Bluetooth 2.0

In addition, ASUS M50Vc: PC-Camera Support Kensington Lock, a fingerprint scanner.

Audio Notebook ASUS M50Vc:

Sound Card ASUS M50Vc: Intel High Definition Audio

Built-in Speakers ASUS M50Vc: Is present

Built-in microphone ASUS M50Vc: Is present

Extensions notebook ASUS M50Vc:

TV-Out ASUS M50Vc: + (S-video)

VGA connector ASUS M50Vc: Is present

USB ASUS M50Vc: + (2.0 - 4 pcs.)

Firewire ASUS M50Vc: Is present

In addition, ASUS M50Vc: memory card slot - MS, MSPRO, MMC, SD, xD-Picture Card

[/ Spoiler]

Posed no problems all at once rose)

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