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    • i also did the same and created the bootable usb with that dmg and  on g41 mother board, it boots but after i select hackntosh zone on boot menu after a few second it stucks on an different issue following by this thread below, here i only want to mention that the usb is working on my g41 mother board, but not working with my g61 gigabyte motherboard, so i think its not with usb i guess.

      please let me know if you can help us Niresh.  
    • Can't mount EFI partition with anything... @Niresh Hi, I wanted to ask how to mount EFI partition ? Cause I tried different tools and nothing seems to work... I have reinstalled OS several times, cause I thought maybe partition got corrupted somehow, but it would be corrupted it would not boot at all. Where's the problem.  Thank you. 
    • sierra zone after preparing the pendrive ...i could not load to the installer through uefi boot mode.....only legacy boot worked?? what should i do??
    • Problems after installing Sierra Hello ! I've installed Mac on my PC by following this Tutorial : https://www.hackintosh.computer/868/hackintosh-sierra-zone-aka-niresh-sierra-guide/ I completly reformated my Drive just to install ONLY Mac. My specs : Intel Core I5-4430  R9 280x
      But i have a few problems : 1) I can't boot mac without the USB drive. If i doesn't insert the USB Drive with Sierra image on it,it redirect me to my BIOS where i can see "Mac OS" at bootable device but i can't select it. So i followed some tips on internet,i've installed MultiBeast,tried to reinstall Clover in UEFI & Install FakeSMC but nothing works. Another details is when i was in the setup and i clicked "customize" if i would choose something else then Clover it would check the "Don't install bootloader" box and the other bootloader box,but i restarted the setup and i leaved it on default. 2) HWMonitor doesn't run,i looked in MultiBeast and FakeSMC had an plugin about it,i installed it in MultiBeast but it's still the same. 3) I have an AMD Graphic Card,where i could get the drivers of it ? I'm not really specialized in hardware,but without driver won't my system be slow/my cg unregornized ? By the way i have the "NVIDIA Web Installer" in my Applications folder. 4) It's maybe me,but mac seems to be a bit slow,like when i change window it slow,does it a common issue ? Thanks in advance !
    • i am also exactly stucked on the same screen, my mother board is ga g41mt ES2L, which running el captian previouly.

Atheros AR5B195( AR9285 Wifi + AR3011 Bluetooth) 1.0
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About This File


This is a Package for Atheros AR5B195 which contains AR9285 Wifi with PID:168c,2b and Bluetooth AR3011 with the PID:3304


If you have different PID for your Wifi Chip then edit the info.plist file inside the Atheros kext with your's.


The Bluetooth Enabler Kext can work with other PID's, for this have to edit the info.plist file inside the kext with your's pid and vid. Convert the hex values of pid & vid to decimal and enter these values in the info.plist file.

What it does is just uploads the firmware so It can be operated by the operating system drivers of Apple which doesn't upload firmware.

Tested in 10.7.3 Only. But it can work for other versions too, if you find its not working then let me know I will try to fix it

UPDATE: Had some problems with Fn+F2 switch before but this update fixes almost just a small bug only appears during restart where BT is not enabled but can be enabled/Disabled manually using Fn+F2 with this update.

UPDATE2: Now its been updated to remove the errors and failing to enable the BT on restarts, however it will show the KIOErrors only during first system start it happens becoz this upload won't load before the probe from OS. But its better than before error since it won't upload every time the firmware (Only uploads during first system start only) unlike before.

For Turning on and off bluetooth, use hardware keys Fn+F2 in Asus Notebooks (Press Twice to toggle Bluetooth)

credit goes to mac4mat from {censored} for the Bluetooth Kext

Update#3: Changed the Title to include the Wifi which comes together with this Bluetooth and also included the latest kext for Wifi along with updated and recompiled Bluetooth kext.

Update#4 : Updated and Fixed Kexts for Both Lion and Mountain Lion,

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