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    • Okay, I'm currently looking through tonymacx86 forum posts about this reboot loop and someone mentioned this which may help even though it was oriented towards an Intel processor (it should still function since you're running with a multicore CPU):  
    • Okay so I may have found the answer from insanelymac regarding the same issue with Yosemite (which seems to be an issue with Clover bootloader and the motherboard being used)   Those settings have to be added to your /EFI/CLOVER/config.plist file if they're not already in there. I haven't tested these since Yosemite doesn't seem to have shutdown issues, but some members on that thread were saying that adding one of those settings to their config.plist file helped with their power issue.
    • Plzz some1 help would be appreciated really need mac os right now stuck on this error for weeks google alot but still no help  
    • I've same nvidia graphic card that is 410m and facing same issue , stuck at login or some time just few seconds after login. So its nvidia web driver issue mostly because i tried mac os sierra 10.12.4 vanilla flavor and web driver for same, no stuck, perfectly working graphic but lots of other issues. I just hope if we can use Niresh Distro with nvidia graphic.    So my finding is latest version of nvidia web driver is supported on 10.12.4 so its something different issue, not the compatibility issues. May be Niresh can help or provide support for nvidia driver.
    • DENY MACH-LOOKUP SANDBOX Errors after Sierra Update I was using Niresh Yosemite for a while, then i installed the Sierra update from appStore.

      Now my boot loader keeps locking up in a loading screen.

      When i try verbose, i get a loop of errors about Denied Permission on loading new kexts.

      i did try teh solutions from this link: https://www.hackintosh.computer/89/sandbox-error-niresh-yosemite/ but when i try any of these commands 
        sudo sed -i.bak 's/1.2/1.3/g' /usr/standalone/bootcaches.plist sudo sed -i.bak 's/lzss/lzvn/g' /usr/standalone/bootcaches.plist the terminal cant locate the 's/1.2/1.3/g' or the 's/lzss/lzvn/g' directories
      It's probably because the solution is focused on Yosemite directories.

      Is there any way to repair the kexts permissions, or adapt this fix on the Sierra?

      thanks in advance

marvellyukon88e8071 1.0


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works,see the screenshoots

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