Fix iMessage [Chameleon]


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  1. Check that you have the latest Chameleon bootloader with Chameleon Wizard
  2. Move the 'modules' folder to /Extra
  3. Restart

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      • By Applemues
        Screen goes nuts at first boot
        I can install Maverick or Yosemite without a problem. But when I boot for the first time, my screen goes nuts (as seen in the picture).
        At the point of selecting a Country it freezes and after 20 Minutes I get to the Desktop and only an external USB Keyboard and Mouse work. (USB 2.0 Ports used not the 3.0)
        I've tried with "GraphicsEnabler=Yes or No" and" IGPEnabler=Yes or No" as well as -x or -f.
        Notebook is a HP Elitebook 8460p with an SSD and 16GB of RAM.
        Any ideas for a fix?

      • By zeft64
        iMessage won't work for me so i tried the fix here and its not working.
        I'm using the chameleon boot loader so those are the directions i followed and no dice. anyone have any ideas?
      • By ayandon
        Dear friend,
        I have successfully installed Maverick Hackintosh on a old Core2Duo based system with 4GB DDR2 RAM and Radeon HD7750 Graphics card. I also have Broadband Internet connection.

        Currently, I can login and use iTunes, App Store, iCloud. No problem here.

        But iMessage is not working.
        When I give my Apple ID and password, either the loader keeps rotating or says - 'Activation Error'.
        Pls suggest what to do?

        Version: OS X 10.9.5 (13F1507)
      • By aaaaustin122
        Hello. I have successfully installed Niresh's Distro of Mac OS X Mavericks on my AMD system (specs to be told at end). After working hard and wasting many hours I could have been doing something else, I was able to boot without -x (safe boot). But now I have a Boot0 Error. But thats none of my concern as I can boot off the install flash drive just fine. I have a more important problem now. iCloud. I've tried all the methods I've read online and none of them seem to work. However, iTunes and the App Store signed in without a problem and is working like a real Mac would. I tired the Ethernet to "en0", adding "FileNVRAM.dylib" to modules folder. Nothing seems to work. Since I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem, I was hoping to get some expert or someone who just happens to know a way that works. Thanks for the help in advance.   My PC as follows: Processor: AMD FX 8350   Motherboard: GIGABYTE 990-FXA-UD3   RAM: 8GB (2x4GB) Kingston Blue Hyper X @ 1600MhZ   Storage: 1TB HDD (no Mac OS X here, just Windows 10) 750GB HDD (Mac OS X drive)   Graphics Card: MSI R9 280X (worked out of the box, no kexts needed. Only GraphicsEnabler=No boot flag) Included are some random screenshots.

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