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OS X Maverick Zone Hackintosh 10.9.0

Help and Support about the OS X Mavericks Hackintosh of 2013 Release

Any attachments must be uploaded to cl.ly and direct links must be posted here, we do not allow image or attachment submissions now.

Include the Following While Asking Questions

Your PC/Laptop hardware configuration, don't just list I have HP XXX model something like that search on internet find exact Processor, Graphics, Audio Ethernet chipset models and list them

Don't just ask I'm facing black screen boot error? there is no way to give a solution without proper question with details. boot with -v (verbose mode)  take a picture upload it to cl.ly post image link here (make sure it displays as image)

Make sure you've downloaded your ISO/DMG from Hackintosh zone because there are modified versions of Niresh's distro's available

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