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Need help regarding my hardware


Need help regarding my hardware

Hi everyone,i'm new here and my name is rav, nd i recently bought a new amd based laptop

here are its specs...

Processor amd a8 7410 with radeon r5 graphics,8 gb ram, amd R16M-M1-30 DDR3L 2GB graphics card...

can anyone/any dev please tell me that am i able to install any osx on my laptop,if yes please guide me or gimme a link if there's already a topic regarding that..

tbh i asked many people,but they all said i cant i caem here with a great hope from u guys

it's a huge request,please anyone help me....please....

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Every time I've ever hackintoshed on an APU system (with AMD integrated graphics or with AMD mobile graphics) I've had difficulty getting QE/CI working (graphical acceleration used in OSX).

There may be better support for APUs nowadays (since OSX is now natively supporing AMD hardware) since I was attempting this back when Mavericks was the newest release.

The main thing you'd want to do is pick up a bootloader that accepts AMD CPUs (which I expect Clover to work in this case).

Other than that, you'll have to hunt down WiFi drivers (unless you pick up a USB-Wireless dongle that is officially supported by OSX).

In my experience QE/CI and Wi-Fi has been the biggest hardware obstacle; the software obstacle is mainly kernel panics.

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