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Only Bootable with Clover USB

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I made  a clover-chamaleon using BootDiskUtility v2.0.2014 rev.181b -- I installed OS X Maverick 10.9.0

- After I first installed I could not get it to boot using multiple bootflag methods

- I Booted off the Clover USB

- I quickly hit option #2 before it auto defaulted to #6 which I believe autogenerated an chameleon install and the OS X Mavericks account setup appeared so I finnished the install

- Now OS X is only bootable through the Clover USB, when I push F12 for boot options, the drive is there but it wont boot from the HardDrive I have to select USB-HDD then boot into clover and Clover sees Mavericks

- I double click on it and it boots right into Mavericks

- My EFI Folder contains a "Boot" folder and a "CLOVER" folder

- My "Extra" Folder has a com.chameleon.plist file and a smbios file with BIOS version


Im confused on what to do to straighten this mess out


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Questions:Witch bootloader you are trying to use Clover or Chameleon?This is very important did you set the osx drive as first primary boot?Also are you doin single or dual boot?

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-I want to use Chameleon but clover usb is the only way it will boot into Mavericks


- Clover installed chameleon from the usb when I pressed option #2 before it defaulted to #6 (also known as option #1)


-By "primary" Im assuming that You mean setting it as the first option to boot from in the BIOS? CDROM is set to boot first, then the bootable H.D.D.


- I have windows 7 64 installed on a separate raid0


-I manually go into BIOS and change from AHCI to RAID when i want to boot into windows RAID0 partition

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