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Guest trsmkohz

Installer shuts down


New to this site and distro, looks great (in vmware) but whenever I try to install in on my laptop(samsung sf310) the installer works fine until theres 25 minutes left, then the laptop just shuts down completely


any ideas?


EDIT - Forgot to say, using an USB to install with

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If anyone is reading. I have the same exact problem. with 10.10.1 and 10.10 it says 16 minutes left at start and then shuts down at 14 minutes left.

With 10.9 it says 24 minutes left at start, then shuts down at ... 14 minutes left!

14 minutes left ?!?!?!?!?!

WTF is special about 14 minutes?

I'm trying on a Inspiron 15 N5040 i3 with 5 GB RAM and I see people have managed to install on this machine. I know USB is not my problem since I tried different USB sticks.

So I'm thinking it is the kexts I need to customize. Will some kind soul who installed on N5040 or similar laptop please help me out.

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