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Installation of Realtek 8111DL Ethernet on 10.8


Please help me with Installation for Realtek on board cart RTL8111DL on niresh12495 osx 10.8I have an Asrock G41C-GS with intel core 2 duo.From Internet I found these instructions:Before I install the driver I have to remove any installed driver for RTL8111/8168.Is path : /System/Library/Extensions correct? From which I will delete the old driver (Lnx2mac, AppleRealtekRTL8169, etc.).please tell me how to Recreate the kernel cache.And how to Open System Preferences and delete the corresponding network interface, e. g. en0.Reboot.How I will Install the new driver and recreate the kernel cache?RebootAfter that I will open System Preferences again, select Network and check if the new network interface has been created automatically or create it manually now.Configure the interface.Is the following correct to recreate the kernel cache?sudo touch /System/Library/Extensionssudo kextcache -update-volume /

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