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Hi all,I am new in this forum and have a problem by installing Mavericks on my pc. (sorry for my bad english by the way)I have got an Hyrican pc with one hdd and want make a dualboot with Mavericks and Windows 7.i have 2 partitions for both.Now my problem:When i start the Niresh Maverics CD i type the bootflag amd64 and everything going well but at the installation occourse everytime the same error: it says it will done in 24 minutes, after 10 minutes it says its done at 17 minutes but then 2 minutes later he says its 21 minutes. Then he goes after 8 minutes He says again 17. Then he goes back to 21 and every time its the same story :(I had install it 6 hours and nothing has changedMy pc:Cpu: AMD Phenom X4 945Gpu: Ati Radeon 5800Media for installation: 8.5 Gigabyte doublelayer dvdI hope that anyone can help me and say thanks for all help I will get. And sorry again for my bad english. :/Yours faithully Fliegenpilz

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ha ha i have never heard an error like this before

can you send me the installed log? (it will be a partial log)

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