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Howto install OS X 10.8.5 AMD with Nvidia GPU in 14 easy steps ;)

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Since i managed to get everything running stable i'd like to give a little guide:


before i started, i updated my bios to the latest Version 0704.


settings are just sata mode -> ahci

slep mode -> S3 only

Secure Virtualisation -> on


i will post screens of my bios to show you the settings i use




I am using a Phenom II X4 945 as CPu and a Nvidia Gtx 460 SE 1 GB as GPU with a ASUS M4A88T-M USB3 Motherboard


lets get started:



1. extract niresh 10.8.5 .dmg to usb.


2. boot with flag kernel=amd64 root=BaseSystem.dmg . also uncheck USB injection at PCI settings, othewise my keyboard didn't work (bluetooth logitehc thingy)


3. when opening the advanced install-options, uncheck the Audio kexts, they gave me kernel panic. Install...this takes about 15 mins. when installation is finished. if an error occure just at the end, don't reboot, open terminal and umount the install-hdd (umount -f /Volumes/whereveryouinstalled). otherwise goto point 8


4 open Disk Utility and repair disk and permissions


5. reboot. boot from usb stick to reach clover, this time bootflags are npci=0x2000 -v -x -s, of course we start from the hdd we installed OSX on.


6. when you reached the single-user bash do 'fsck -f' to repair and fix again.


7. if it is finished 'exit' to boot to graphical mode.


8. you should be granted with welcome screen


9.wait till nireshs post-install stuff finishes......


10. replace mach_kernel in root-directory with this one... it worked for me to escape safe-mode the original Kernel seems to not support nvidia GPUs.

  to do so, open terminal and enter 'sudo chflags nohidden /mach_kernel' to unhide the kernel. copy-paste the new kernel, then hide it again 'sudo chflags hidden /mach_kernel'


11. install clover (http://sourceforge.n.../cloverefiboot/). remember to disable usb injection to get your input device running


12. enter 'yes > /dev/null' in a terminal to put some load on the cpu in order to get non-crackeling sound or buy a usb soundcard. i ordered a 7 $ 2 channel card which is enough for me at the moment. works oob!


13. sometimes your desktop will become inresponsable. this will be the well known fermi-freeze. (as the name says, just happens with fermi-cards (nvida cards with name 400 or higher). To avoid this there is this so called freezefix: i unzipped it and put it into the root direction and autostarting it when i log in. all it does is rendering 3 triangles in the background. this would not produce 'real' load on the gpu but prevents it from freezing. big thanks to dan542

For those of you who want to use the proprietary drivers of nvidia to power your GPU, ( [it is important to use the right 10.8.5 version, in this case 12f37], you need to add the bootflag nvda_drv=1 to your bootloader. Don't try to update to 12f45 unless you knw what you are doing. I did it and couldn't OS X to work again properly, just single user mode.


14. be happy with your amd hackintosh


15. This fakesmc: alowed me to read cpu, mainboard and gpu data (temp, voltage, etc). you will also need this kexts



A screenie of my system to show you it works ;)


Posted Image


Network, Graphics Usb3 is working outofthebox!


i don't know if firewire works, since i don't have any device using it.


All Apps running without problems until now (except iMessage, which gives me a freeze. i can move mouse, but all else is frozen).


geekbench+unigine heaven bench: no problem


vmware fusion with xp and linux running: no problem


seems all pretty stable to me!


here you find a config.plist for clover with settings as MacPro 5.1


just edit the serialnumer-thingy and replace the file in /EFI/CLOVER




I hope i could help someone! Happy hacking!




Thanx @ niresh for making this distro. without it i would still be stuck on reaching the installer ;)


also big thanx to all the people helping me!


@mod: maybe someone could wipe the empty posts?

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Patch your AppleACPI or use a 3rd Party Kext for this!!!

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