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FM2A55M-DGS V2 Help audio kexts ALC662 V2


Hi Everyone I have an on board audio on this motherboard and I can't seem to find the kexts for it. I was able to get the system booting and I think its using my video card properly (GeForce GT 620).


Here are the specs for my motherboard hopefully someone can help me track down the on board audio, and also give me pointers to keep it from crackling and popping like in the last version of OSX. 


[*]5.1 CH HD Audio (Realtek ALC662 Audio Codec)




Thanks guys in advanced. 


According to DPCI Manager I have V2


0x1022780D, 0x18497662, 0x10EC0662, 0x0101, Realtek ALC662v2


I do have audio because I downloaded this kext from the Niresh site




But its popping and crackling a lot and sometimes the sound goes out all together. 


Any insight would be greatly appreciated I have been trying to solve this for some time now.



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