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ATI 5650m QE/CI Issues

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I have a Sony Vaio VPCEB36FA with an ATI 5650m which doesn't run at it's native resolution of 1920 x 1080. Here are the steps i tried to make it work :


1) Forced EDID

2) Tried Various AtiConfig personalities (Using AtiConfig=Galoga gave me full QE/CI on an external HDMI Display, all others gave me a black screen)

3) Used LoadVBios=Yes 

4) Tried using Clover to do all the same as above 


It's actually very weird because i got full QE/CI once on the laptop display  using LoadVBios=Yes but then on a reboot the text became very fuzzy and illegible, after that either the display was blank or blurred at full res. 

I have attached screenshots of when i got full QE/CI and when i booted with Galoga. 


Any help would be appreciated :)





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try to use clover inject your custom edid their 

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I have to write my EDID into the DisplayID-717 file and enable Force EDID option in clover right ?

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Ok @Deepak Tried as you said with Clover :




1) On booting with injectati, force edid and vloadbios the display fires up at full res but extremely malformed text ( i noted that there were 2 black lines on the left of the display, if they could be offset to the correct place then, the display would work fine).

2) On booting with injectati and vloadbios, i got a screen with stripes and nothing was visible

3) On booting with vloadbios only, the computer would just not log in, just display a spinning wheel and crash.

4) I couldn't get the computer to start so i used safe mode and graphicsenabler=no  and in verbose (it still didn't start) but i got some interesting screenshots


Screenshot 1 : The display in full res and very clear flashes for a second and then disappears.

Screenshot 2 : The verbose output after the flash



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