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Enigmatic Affliction

Please Help!: Ethernet Won't Work

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After spending many days I was finally able to get Mavericks to work on my computer. As far as I can tell everything works fine except the internet. When I go into the network utility it says internal ethernet, but it shows that it's not working. Then I go into the network settings and try to make a new connection, but I can't select ethernet as an option. I looked up my driver information and it says my computer uses the Atheros driver, so I installed the Antheros kext on my computer via Multi Beast, but it won't work. I even tried installing different network kexts, but no matter what I do I can't get the internet to work. I've been working on this for many hours today and I just want the internet to work, so I can download Skype and a few other programs. Here are my computer specs if that helps.


Gateway DX4380-UR308

AMD A8 5500 quad core processor

AMD Radeon HD 7560D graphics

8 GB Memory


I'd be EXTREMELY grateful to anyone who is able to help me fix this. I'm so close to getting OS X on my computer. If I can just fix this network issue I'll be set.

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Did u also try Niresh all internet Solution?

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Yes I did and that didn't fix it, but I actually found out my computer uses realtek, not Atheros. I installed the realtek kext and that didn't do anything. Then I found a different realtek kext and that kind of fixed it. I say kind of because I still can't get internet, but it shows ethernet in the network settings now, but it keeps on connecting and disconnecting. Like it will connect for 1 second and then disconnect. It keeps doing this.

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@Enigmatic Affliction

I have also same problem. I have tried a Niresh all internet solution but i didnot fix it up.

Which kext u have tried? Can i have a link?


Thank you in advance.

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Can u tell me whats your ethernet card and il get you the Nesessary Kexts for it.

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