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<Solved>Install done! No graphics - no ethernet


Hi there,


Finally I succeed to install Mavericks on an old system powered by a GA-M61PM-S2 mother board.


But NO graphic and NO ethernet.


Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce 6100 / nForce 430

Nic:Realtek RTL8211 Gigabit Ethernet controller


I Google for Kexts but nothing is working!


Any advice or a person who have this working?


I use "Kext Wizard" to install the Kext files.


Another question: have I to reboot the machine each time a Kext file is installed?


For the graphic I can try to install another card but I really want to have the Ethernet working ... otherwise I need a new MB!! ;-)

Don't have money right now


THANKS A LOT for help


Best regards

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