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After choosing the .dmg file in the Niresh menu, it appears the apple logo but nothing happens. I've tried going in verbose mode and after 10-15 command line the screen becomes black.

I've got an Alienware aurora R4 with:

Processor: Intel i7 4820K

RAM: micron technology 8GB DDR3 quad channel

HDD: 1TB seagate barracuda

Motherboard: alienware 0FPV4P chipset X79

Graphic Cards: 2-Way SLI Nvidia GeForce GTX 760

This is the last screen that I get, then the screen become all black and it remain like that.

Thanks for the help


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graphics issue my friend, 


just pain in the ass.


short time solution is :


use  -s  flag ,  after runs some code  it will take you to commend line


when you see "root:"  then you can type following commends


type: mount -uw /

type: cd /System/Library/Extensions

type: mkdir intel_back

type: mv AppleIntelHD* AppleIntelF* intel_back/

type: touch ../Entensions


type: reboot


and  you can get into system, or -x safemode at least .


purpose of these commends is that  move away those trouble maker graphics drivers (so called .kext flies)

move them to that folder "intel_back" to back them up instead of delete em.


however, you will not get a fully functional graphics even if you get into system.


i can only help you until here my friend. good luck.






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