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I have a dell inspiron 7000 i7 u4500 gforce 750

In the bios i disable uefi boot and change it to legacy, sata operation ahci

When I try to boot from the USB it said operation system not found

Used a different stck still same problem

What to do?




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When you press F12 Does the USB drive shows up? Or just the harddrive and dvd/cd drive? And have you try different ports

Or if you have USB 3.0 try one of them ports

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I tried all all the ports with at without uefi' all the ports are usb3, same problem

I try to write 2 different USB one with win32 the other with transaction same problem the bios is reading the information but I think there is something I do wrong

Any other suggestions?

I heve to mention I have windows 8.1 but I created a different partition for the macos x

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So i tried all the ports (all the ports are usb3) 2 different USB one written with win32 the other with transmac with or without uefi enable same problem.

The bios can see the stick in all the cases but it sad operation system not found

Any other idea...if you have a phone and a time so I can call you...I'm from Romania if you are wiling to give me your phone


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