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Getting back to Windows

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Hi I am using a sony vaio laptop. I am trying to install mavericks on another partition on the same hard disk because I read dual boot is possible. But my installation process failed. I kept trying and trying but it failed. Now my question is can I boot back to windows 7? Like I previously did. Can anybody help me with this?

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i have dual boot.


windows 8 and niresh 10.9


what i did is this:


boot niresh and create 2 partitions


1) extended journaled

2) fat32


exit niresh


insert win8 cd or usb and installed on the second partition


install it normally and after doing this go back to boot with your niresh and install it in the first partition.


bingo, you`ll have dual boot

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Thanks for the reply mate. That is exactly what I was trying to do. But my problem is I cannot get into window nor mavericks. Mavericks cannot be installed, windows 7 which I already have is not booting. Is there any way I can boot windows 7?

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Hi guys, I had a problem booting windows 7 after trying to install mavericks, because mavericks installation failed I couldn't get work any OS. But now my windows is working fine. I gonna tell what I did. I don't know whether someone has a topic or not. But sometimes this will help someone who wants to make a dual boot but stuck installing mac and wants to go back to windows.


1. Take a bootable windows 7/8 USB or DVD

2. Like you are installing a fresh copy boot it from the USB/DVD

3. Go to repair and click it

4. Restart.. Boom.. Windows is working.


but guys what I can't understand is "why mavericks installation is failing"

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