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Yet another Mavericks ethernet problem

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My first hackintosh. Everything went smoothly and the install ran fine except that I have no ethernet. I have an old 3Com 3c2000-T since my onboard ethernet fried and it was all I could find in the house. Naturally, I have no internet and it is driving me nuts trying to fix it. I found info about kexts for it that worked on  early versions. I'm talking 10.7 going back. None of them work. Either that, or I am doing it wrong. (I am fairly new to this so that may be it).

Niresh's All in one network solution did not fix it. I have been at it for days trying out several skge.kext files I randomly find on the internet pertaining to Marvell/3com but none seem to work so far. I suspect that the kexts I am trying out might be outdated and wont work on mavericks given I am using an aging card and I am close to giving up. Just figured I would at least try and post here before throwing in the towel hoping something might come up.

My specs are :


AMD FX-8150
Crosshair V motherboard (with an inexplicably dead Ethernet)

8 Gigs RAM
Radeon 6850

Mavericks runs perfect. I simply don't have internet.

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if you can't get on board why not get a USB Gigabit eithernet adapter? I've had to do something similar for my laptops wifi.


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Did you first check the wiki list of compatible ethernet and wifi adapters before getting another one?

You need a compatible ethernet or wifi adapter.

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Thanks for the replies guys. I managed to somehow fix my situation temporarily until I get a new ethernet card. Tethered one of my old android phones via USB (HoRNDIS driver)  and it works as a great Wifi adapter. Very little latency to top it off. 

Is there a particular ethernet card you would recommend for a hackintosh? Preferably one that is as comfortable with them like  Gigabyte boards are.

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