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Clover start up delay

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Everything works perfectly on my 10.9.0 installation, with the exception of start up.  

If I turn my computer on and let it start by itself.  I get the Clover boot menu and the default Mavericks installation is selected.  If I do not touch anything there is a timer before it starts by itself.  Timer is set to 3000 seconds which translates in to 50minutes.  I can't imagine that someone would think of putting that in as default.

How do I change this to something a little more reasonable?

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Have you try Clover Config in this site in the download contain alot of different options to config Glover as

You wanted to function.but becarefull dont go messing around because u mite make your hackintosh



Also here is a link with a lil Glover guide/help and meaning:

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I have tried to figure that site out, but I cannot for the life of me find where the configuration file is, nor why it would be set to 3000 seconds.

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and that is where I would have looked also, but I have no EFI folder...even with hidden files and folders shown.

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Also when I have tried to install Clover Configuration, it says there is no EFI partition and asks if I want to mount one...what's up with that?  I am in UEFI mode I believe as my bios showed that when I installed and I moved it to the top to boot from the UEFI first and it worked/works with the exception of this one bug that quite honestly I should be able to figure out.

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would it entail me having to reinstall my whole system?  not really wanting to do that as it is working so well other that this one issue


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      Core i5 m560 @ 2.67 Ghz
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      Atheros AR5B125 Wifi
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