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if any ya'll do the "APPLE STORE" thing but dont like the idea of giving them a credit card like they ASK for......LISTEN!..you can still make an apple account WITHOUT a credit card....Go ahead and make an account with a legal email address of your choice but dont ever enter and refuse any credit card entries....you will find in the web menus as I found a choice to select a credit card... "NONE" is one of the choices...click this and continue and you will have a APPLE account that will ASK for credit info "That your children should not know" if the event should arise that ANY software from the apple store should ask for permission to install "PAID" software....Since your children should NOT know your credit card info THEN they cannot mistakedly install ANYTHING to cause a BILL on ANY of your credit cards...""Of course this does limit YOUR access to installing software but it does have its way of saving you money"""....   8)

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