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Sameh Magdy

an error occurred while running scripts from package audio.pkg


I'am trying to install the latest niresh distro on my pc
my specs are :
M.B : Gigabyte G41MT-S2P
CPU : Intel Core2Duo E7500 @ 2.93 GHz
GPU : ATI 4670 DDR3 1GB
the installation runs well without using any bootflags .. but at the end when it says : "about a minute remaining" It says "Installation failed"
and when I looked into the installation log I saw this "an error occurred while running scripts from package GraphicsEnabler.pkg" .. so I restarted and unchecked all graphics releated things from the customize menu and started install .. this time also gave me "installation failed" at the last minute .. and in the log this time it was "an error occurred while running scripts from package Audio.pkg" !
so what should I do ? any help is appericiated

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I had the same problem, so i unchecked "Install Audio Drivers (Kexts)",

but then i got an error from "Network.pkg", then unchecked "Install Network Drivers (Kexts)"

then an error ocurred from the "dart0.pkg", i unchecked it, and then "AppleTyMCEBackup.pkg" was the problem

At the end i just gave up (i don't think there's a solution)

I must mention i had windows 8.1 already installed in another partition


Anyway i backup all my files in an external hard drive

Then partioned (and formatted) my hard drive with the disk utility from the installer using the MBR option

I installed Niresh Mavericks without problems (no need of unchecked anything), then installed windows 8.1, and finally reinstalled chameleon from mavericks (using the usb installer to boot the first time after installing windows)

and everything works fine now


If you have windows already installed maybe that's the problem (not 100% sure) so best is make a clean install


I know this is a late answer, but hopefully it helps others

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