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NIRESH Mavericks from USB laptop XMG P723 PRO


Hello to all, 
I write in this forum because I can't install niresh on my laptop.
the computer has the following characteristics: 
cpu: intel core i7 processor 4900mq 
video card: nvidia geforce gtx 780m
16 gb of ram 
ssd samsung 840 pro 
hard disk drive 1TB SATA3 7200rpm 
SSD I have a linux distribution, I would like to install niresh on 1tb disk. 
can you help me? 
is already set to ahci in the bios and I disabled UEFI


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2 answers to this question

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Would like to know detail. Where are you stuck? What problem actually are you facing?

A bit brief will help readers.

Just saw your pic. Start with boot -s (singer user mode). If it succeed then use command fsck.

If till ere goes well, use -x boot flag .

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