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Hope I'm posting into the correct forum, i last night installed Niresh 10.9. All went smoothly and I'm gad to say i got a 3/4 working Hackintosh. my slight problem is my Graphic card (Amd 7650M) will only out put to my hdmi. but whilst it is on there i got full capabilities. I was wondering if anybody could be as kind enough to help through this phase.


My Laptop Spec 


  • 8gb Ram
  • Amd 7650m 2gb
  • I5 3rd Gen processor 
  • 120GB SSD

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Just a small update. By using clover as my bootloader i know have native resolution but have no QE/CI available any body available to help? like i said HDMI to tv gives me QE/CI which is quite annoying. This is all that is not working at this moment in time. any help would be greatly appreciated


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1) Install Clover Configurator, Open it, Go to File > Open > Your hard disk > EFI > Clover > Config.plist

2) Go to the graphics tab and check Load VBios, Inject ATI and Inject EDID

3) Set Video Ports to 3 and Save.

4) Download this folder. In the folder, got to  Clover and copy the ROM folder to the Clover EFI folder on your hardrive.

5) Reboot


If this gives you a black screen, reboot and also select Patch VBios

If this also doesn't  work try deleting the ROM folder 

If that also doesn't work try injecting your EDID and device id with clover (highly recommended you inject your EDID)

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@ In clover configurator, Graphics tab > FB Name > Type Pondweed and enable all options as is in the first reply

Did you inject EDID as shown in the video ?

Be sure to select the config.plist file by going to File > Open > PathtoClover > Config.plist


The reason why it is outputting only HDMI video is because you have injected a wrong device personality.

Injecting ATI device id's in clover usually results in a Kernel Panic

Edited by Devonic

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Did you get this working.
I have the 7650m 2gb card in my sony and I get it to output on the screen @ 1080p, but no QE/CI.
It shows the card but with 7Mb RAM.

I've tryed the ROM file (Blackscreen) , but I notice talk about injecting EDID - What is this?
I've ticked / unticked plus text options within the Clover Configurator, but still no luck.
It's the last thing to fix.

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