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Hello, i installed Maveriks in my

Fx 8350

Asus M5a99x revo2

Corsair Vengance 8Gb

Sapphire r7 260x

I have no problems with sound or mouse, but i have 3mb of VRAM any idea?


i just want more Vram, any idea is welcome.




Sin título.tiff

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i have the same card and the same problem. Any updates.


There seems to be an EFI issue with booting and the card needs an EFI string or something. People are experimenting with getting the bootloader CLOVER to boot with this card. I was just seeing if you had anything to add. Please respond. Thanks....

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@RezMax@Danielsalazarc The R7 260 X is nothing more than an ATI 7790 with a slightly better performance. But the 7790 itself is one of the worst supported cards in the ATI Family. Support for this card is virtually non-existent but many people in the OSX86 community are presently looking into it. Only hope is using the Clover Bootloader and trying 7xxx personalities.

tl;dr as of now, it doesn't work, at all. :(

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I have the same problem, and already changed the AMD8000Controller.kext and the x4000... try with Graphic Enabler on yes, no.... inject ATI... add the card model in hex and no hex.. 0x665D1002 and 0x66581002 all works fine on maverick also try it on yosemite with the same results... kext is not loaded..... and the 3mb video mem...

am using a GA-990FXA-UD3 with a AMD FX 4100 and 16GB of RAM... and the Sapphire R7 260x 2GB OC - detected on linux as 200 series, Bonaire ...I have double checked my permission manually and with the kext editor... (I work with solaris/freebsd/linux, so I understand permissions on filesystem)

also fakeid the card... the only thing is that my card is at PCE2@2 I have seen several success stories with R7 260x around that am thinking is something between the Chair and keyboard.. really :P


Help is reaaallyyy appreciated!!!

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