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Hey guys I downloaded the ".dmg" file provided in this site along with win32disk imager

I created the pendrive as bootable and

it asked for boot menu i used 10.8.5

I started installation..........the process took over 30 mins and completed sucessfully

then after completing I took off the pendrive and started rebooting

then it gave "boot0:error"

so i plugged my pendrive and started rebooting

then i got "boot0:GPT


after that i got boot menu showing options "boot clover from EFI"......my hard disk 2,3......boot UEFI from EFI...........boot mac osx from 10.8.5.......boot mac osx from my hardisk1(in which I installed os)....boot UEFI internal from myhardisk1..


at 1st selected boot mac osx from my hardisk1 and got some series of lines and then it asked to create username and passwd(done)......and the home screen appeared(i waited for some more time to install kexts and other .........)

and now I was unable to access OS after shutdown

it is restarting if I had selected the same option as previous

What to do??

Is my pendrive dedicated to that or i can I have 10.8.5 without pendrive(after installation)

where my problem exists??



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Yeah, i have the same problem. Figuring it out also.....i can however start OS X. Just use the USB stick to start Mac OS X 10.8.5 and use Chameleon to boot up. It will work.

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here is tutorial

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