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if you are using Hackintosh for first time or a advanced user Niresh's Distro's are best option for bcoz its Supports Intel and AMD too...
Niresh's New release doesn't need bootable drive for boot along with..but if you are a Noob or Newbie you need this here is full    you can read this bcoz they don't know about   .Where to add boot args ...
1. You can boot with Niresh mac installer Usb or With Bootdiskutility .. Both working perfect for first time installer ...
2.After Successfull Installation ..Boot with HDD where you have installed your OS X..if can't boot then boot with Usb Created With BootdiskUtility created usb...
3.That will give you further steps..and your OS X is installed now you can Install a bootloader now ....if your drivers are working then don't need to do anything ..if not installed it ...Happy Hackintosh !!!!        
My Personel Experience with Niresh OS X 10.8.5::::::::
1.When i installed it for first attempt it installed successfully ..but won't start after first restart ..( i don't know why it happens )
2.When was my second attempt installed successfully but not my ethernet ,Audio and graphics don't get working..i have checked all boxes for my specification when customizing installation...
3.Third attemp i got ethernet working but Audio and graphics won't workss...
4i left everything ...then i used my own . Guide ..again install successfully and after first restart i boot again with Bootdiskutitily created drive and found Audio ,ehernet and graphics are working automagically..

5.i got music playing when choosing further steps of  installation...
6.everything working successfully ..
Note ::::   phrases are in red are links....used them ..
Tips::::: You can use this usb to get in OS X ..whenever Kernal panics or Other issues occured boot with this usb and get every thing working rectify your prob...i think this much better than using
boot args=-x ....

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Does this work for vmware???

i have not tested it but you can tell me results...

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