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Unable to boot after install on 10.9.0

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I'm having trouble getting Mavericks to boot after install. I get the Apple logo from the bootloader, same as usual & then a solid white screen with no arrow. I get no opportunity to enter boot flags.


I've attempted install from DVD with ivy -v -x, ivy -v, ivy PCIRoot=1, ivy -v -x npci=0x3000, etc. I've attempted to use both the standard and EFI versions of Chameleon; no permutation of these options has led to a system that can boot after completing install. I've also attempted to update to 10.9.1 (using downloaded update, not appstore update) & 10.9.2 (same) on the first boot after install, with the same problem.


During install, I get this:

getCPUIDinfo: this is an unknown CPU model 0x3a
-- Power management may be incomplete or unsupported

I don't know if this has anything to do with it, I suspect no because this appears to be a bootloader issue, but I can't rule anything out at this point.


I'm clueless about what could be causing this, all I know is this is the closest I've come to a working Hackintosh setup on this hardware that was assembled specifically for Hackintosh. Any help would be appreciated.


CPU: Core i5-3470 3.2ghz quad core

Mobo: Gigabyte Z77-HD3

RAM: 32gb (4x8gb) 1600mhz DDR3 (Corsair XMS3)

GPU: Gigabyte R9 270 4gb

Storage: Mac HD on 240gb Mushkin Chronos SSD, Time Machine on 128gb Crucial M4 SSD. There's also a Samsung 840 EVO 250gb with Win7 on it after the Mushkin in the boot order.

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Using a Gigabyte R9 270 4GB card, onboard is Intel HD 2500 (have tried this both enabled and disabled, no change)

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Disable your AMD R9 270 as i don't think it has support if any at all.

Enable only your Intel HD 2500 in your BIOS and try to fix it using the steps shown in this guide

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