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Still waiting for root device ERROR

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First of all thanks for helping me out if you do


I burnt the ISO of mavericks in a dual layer dvd and booted from there, if I use no flags my laptop restarts, and somebody told me to use -x -v GraphicsEnabler=Yes OR =No, if I use yes, then it restarts again, if I use No I get the message ' Still waiting for root device'


Do you have any suggestions of any flag that I could use or something??


Also i burnt the ISO of mountain lion on a normal dvd And I get an used the same flags that I mentioned before, but here I have another error, which is this: 




and after a while it says the same 'Still waiting for root device' and the dvd stops spinning ...


Again, any suggestions ? thanks a lot in advantage for any piece of advice ! 


Here are my laptop specs:


intel i5 with hd3000 graphics, sandy bridge

4gb RAM

620gb HDD


the model is Samsung np-rv420


thanks a lot again ! 

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Boot with -v -f -x


If it boots, goto <OSX HDD>Extra


Open file named org.Chameleon.Boot.plist


Copy its contents an paste here.

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nothing yet, could not boot with those flags, neither trying those with GraphicsEnabler=yes or no ... Do you recommend trying with an usb drive ? @

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in the image, that's the exact point where the dvd stops spinning, and after that it says 'still waiting for root device'.. it's both things at the same time , i don't know. And about the AHCI thing, yes ! thanks again 

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