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Running Niresh in vbox FakeSMC: [Fatal] failed to initialize SMC device


I'm attempting to install Niresh 10.9 in a vbox vm on a FreeBSD host machine. I've downloaded the Niresh iso torrent, and mounted it on the vm. When I boot up the vm it shows me the boot screen, and I can enter my boot flags.


I'm using a amdfx processor, so i've tried entering 'amdfx -v -x'

Then i get an error: 'FakeSMC: [Fatal] failed to initialize SMC device'


I've been looking around for this 'FakeSMC', and it seems that it's something I install after isntalling niresh? Do I need and iso that includes the FakeSMC?


I'm not sure what other info I should include, so please tell me.

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I'm having the same problem and it happens right when booting from the ISO. That fix seems to be for _after_ the OSX is installed. But I'm not even getting to the Language selection screen.


Btw, this only happens on Virtualbox on Ubuntu host. Seems to work fine on a Win7 host. 


Did anyone manage to install OSX 10.9 on Virtualbox on an Ubuntu host?



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