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Ihsaan Boksh

Niresh Fails To Boot After Install AMD


Alright so to get the Niresh USB installer to boot I use the bootflag: amdfx


I've done all the customizations and installed Mavericks. I used the bootflag: -x -v to boot into safemode and show verbose incase of any errors. Got Niresh to install and finish " Optimized your Hackintosh "

After that I restart my PC , all works fine , I use F12 to choose boot option and choose my hacktintosh drive, I boot into Mac. And then after that is when every time I try to use the Niresh loader it just sits on the apple logo. And gives a message of " Error boot pausing for 5 seconds " and can't get the system to load.


Any idea's on how to sort it out ? Been trying since 2pm and it's 8:13pm 


System Specs:


AMD FX-4170 @4.2Ghz

4GB ( Only one stick in taken the rest out) DDR3 Patriot Black Mamba 16000Ghz

Gigabyte 990FX UD-7 Motherboard

GTX 650Ti

Corsair CX750M

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As soon the bootloader starts it will say boot0:done,


then it will give 3-5 seconds to press a button to choose disk to boot.


Press any button quickly and it will now show all the partitions/drives of your PC.


There you type the flag. And you can see the typed boot flags.

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I reinstalled Niresh again without using Multi beast and my system was running fine. But then I got the problem of the hard drives showing up the first boot and then after the restarts they disappeared apart from my Windows drive. And in Windows 8 it shows up. I also reset my bios after installing niresh

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